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  1. U just need some imagination....
  2. Thoughts?
  3. That's the current interest rate in China.
  4. nice~
  5. I'm curious to know what the average residential yield and capital gain % like in Sg...thoughts?
  6. Really? are they usually highly leveraged in Sg?
  7. Most reports point towards a price correction within the next 6-12 mths....If i were u...i'll go to the developer with this data and ask for a discount now.
  8. All good...still here in China..holding the Sg flag! How's things with u?
  9. Hey hey! I'm have u been?
  10. Dai Gay Huat ah huat ah!! Haven't been giving Hamet much love lately...but i'm here now.
  11. Now that's a trip down memory lane.
  12. Interesting how facts get diluted in the press. Anyway, thanks.
  13. It must be a china thing, cos i still have difficulties opening the link. Anyway, dont believe everything u read in the papers. There are definitely more than 1 casualty, i know cos i happen to be there when it happened. I am just curious why it happened.
  14. I am having difficulty finding this article online here, so can anyone be so kind to do a search and post the story here. Tks much.
  15. wow...u can still remember my plate...Impressive memory!