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  1. Hey, Ahh since your already tried Lubeguard, then yeah, no choice but to go for the overhaul. Mine's probably gonna require it down the line too. Yep, still got the LGTW. Renewed COE last year. Re North Thai, I think the main issue was the Ron (91 and 95 in thai) as E10 is easy to get. I stayed away from E20 and E85(!). Most of the time I could get E10 Ron 95. Only had to pump E10 Ron91 once. I'm using Ecutek racerom, which has two maps. One tuned on Ron 97, the other is tuned conservatively on SPC Ron92. Climbing up Don Inthanon (8k+ feet) was also a concern but I just took it easy on the way up.
  2. Hi Bro, Now you on Exiga GT? yes long term wise need to replace hardware but for short term can try using new ATF fluid + an additive like the one from Lubeguard https://www.amazon.com/Lubegard-Automatic-Transmission-Protectant-2-pack/dp/B075JNV4RJ/ref=zg_bs_15718891_19?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A3DBVQEKQT1QA3AA2RX5
  3. not for the 1st claim in the year of coverage. Also will not affect NCD
  4. hi, the usual windscreen replacement shops should have it. Done my SG5 before (under insurance) drglass.com.sg glass-fix in fact, insurance company usually will hv the details on the cover note
  5. the car chassis plate (usually at passenger front strut mount or front passenger door area) should hv the transmission ID. Try google it?
  6. quite complicated https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_Legacy_(fifth_generation
  7. this is abt 50km away from customs. what kind of servicing and repair are u looking for?
  8. Lye Design at ang mo kio autopoint. not cheap but good.
  9. for some strange reason, I can't send PM either. WhatsApp me 96977O38 what coilovers are you on currently? "comfortable ride" is subjective, so it's kinda hard to say.
  10. hi, My JDM BP5 came stock with bilsteins and sti pink springs, which are nice on smooth roads but I found it too hard for the bumpy roads I spend a lot of time on. if u change from coilovers to bilsteins, u will usually need to get new top hats. which work shop are u going to? Brand new B6/8 are abt sgd1200 locally, cash n carry. So add a few hundred for springs and a bit more for the top hats, then installation and alignment. Yep, 2k+ sounds right for new set. send me your contact and i'll hook u up with our local BL/BP group. You may get more good advise there, and maybe pick up a used set to try out. Definitely costs less than 2k+ cheers john
  11. welcome to the legacy club! sorry, can't help with the BT issue.
  12. my friend is selling his twin scroll DP, stock heat shields still intact. Contact me at the number given above
  13. pm not working for me keen on the vf37 pls contact me 96977O38
  14. hi, not sure why PM function is not working. Pls WA me at nine6nine77O38 thanks
  15. inspired by the GTR that drove to Everest base camp? just some quick thoughts: 1) better go with a car that u r familiar with, in terms of handling, maintenance history and quirks 2) better to go with a newer car, unless the car has been meticulously maintained. 3) bring at least one full size spare tire and know how to change it. 4) check the car is tuned for ron95 (Thailand) and even better if can switch-on-demand to take 91 (some ulu place may not have 95) 5) stock wrx ground clearance will be ok for roads. 6) 2L (or more) is good for long highway runs and climbing in hilly country. Even better if turbo. Lagi best if manual 7) if u r new to long distance driving, try not to cover too much distance in a single day. 500-600km is comfortable for me. Otherwise its just rushing thru and don't get to stop and see the local area. disclaimer I don't hv a wrx/sti but have driven to south thai quite a few times in my legacy and forester, both 2L turbo.
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