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  1. Not sure if its a joint venture bro...=)
  2. Anyhow, if you are a pool fan, as in the cuesport, there is this place called pit stop. It's located on the 3rd floorof Harbor bay mall. Its run by my friend from Singapore. His name is Lester. Do look him up if you are there. It's only 13,000 ($1.80) per hour. I played 5 hours with him till my hand shivered... Best part is, there will be a girl standing by to rack the balls for you after each frame. You can als ask her to play with you...(Pool I mean) The food there is also decent, better than Godiva IMHO, also cheaper.
  3. Hahaha, I agree. Taxi driver once brought my friends and I to the fish tank massage. We opened the glass door and got a shock. There were like 30-40 girls just sitting there waiting for customers. Inn the end, went for sports massage Didn't know about the nasi padang thing...quite turn off ah, to be throwing food back into the pot......I try looking out for your car..but so far no sightings yet....
  4. Yup I agree. It's damn good.... Some others I've tried are not good enough...
  5. Sports massage opposite Harmoni FTW!!!! Best of the best!! Er, anyone goes to Newton??
  6. Hi, I drive a blue gc8 too. Would u happen to live in jurong or bt batok area?
  7. Hey Bryan, glad I was able to help. Let me know how things work out.
  8. U jog also can reach west coast mc la....
  9. Excited is the word! VLab already got 3 there...LOL...
  10. Bro, was that u behind me earlier today (Friday about 11plus PM) on PIE? I exited at Jurong East...
  11. Thx all, went to the one at bt btok west ave 6.... those who are keen, they wrap up on 26th April...
  12. Update me if it's still on if u happen to pass by tomorrow bro...thx.
  13. Muah chee, taiwan xiang chang, ramly....many many.....
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