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  1. Currently on my 2015 Forester XT. $250 with trade of your stock springs. You arrange labour for both vehicles at the workshop of your choice. Top up $50 for STI rear sway bar & bushings.
  2. In US market there's a factory option for Rockford Fosgate amp and two 6x9s for the front doors. It's about $350 USD and pretty easy DIY. Just not sure if it connect easily to the Panasonic HU.
  3. I'm changing for a few reasons: My current Forester very high COE Warranty is done and there's some repairs needed that'll cost a few thousand. Current COE is comparatively much lower. My monthly payment will decrease by $600. Lot's of new convenience and safety features. Of course I will miss the turbo though I don't like going into shops without doing any research first. I probably won't buy whatever I need locally either.
  4. Hi fellas, Just put the deposit down today on what will be my third Subaru in a row, and my second Forester. It comes with the 2nd gen. Panasonic 8" LCD head unit and I don't even know what kind of speakers. I would like to improve the sound while leaving in place the stock HU. Can anyone advise on my options for possibly adding an amp and upgraded/more speakers? I would be happy if the sound is similar to my 2015 XT with the Harmon Karmon system. I'm not trying to do anything extreme or spend crazy amounts of money. I've tried searching on the net, but most of the info pertains to US models that have different audio options. Thanks! -adept1
  6. Great condition with no rust and full pressure. Removed from my 2005 WRX. All mounting hardware included. Fits GDA/GDB/GGA/GGB - not sure about any other possible applications. These are difficult to find now and sell for $150-190 USD based on my research. They are very cool looking in Tein Green and allows the bonnet to be opened further than the factory ghetto bonnet prop. Very easy installation using only 10 & 12mm wrenches. Price: SOLD to a nice guy called KQ.
  7. Anywhere selling replica of these? The factory ones are quite expensive for what they are. I'm talking about E551SSG200and E551SSG300 Thanks, Alex
  8. Thanks for your replies. I wonder what the rate is for "almost the same color"
  9. Hmm maybe you're right. UGM is the color I want though. Back to my original question... What should I expect to pay?
  10. I wanna change the color of my car. What can I expect to pay for this? The body will only need minor work (door dings). I want to go from Crystal Grey Metallic to the darker grey of the S204.
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