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  1. Still collecting inputs for improvement? It is indeed courage of you to engage feedbacks here, so as to improve on the marketing strategy in retaining existing customer base. A drastic change is required, in which the changes must be from top-down, instead of bottom up. It must be a strategy that is initiated by the top management, then such plan can be fulfilled. If it is just a strategy of part of a division in your company, then such values will never be recognised in the top mangement business plan. It is of important of today automotive agent to attract new car customers, and at the same time retain the existing car customers servicing bases. The latter sometime will yield more profit if you were to ask me, as long as our government keep "enhancing" policy in the name of vehicle population control. What you need to bring back to your team, is perhaps the honest answers which most seniors had provided. Some are very personal and individual, but yet these are good feedbacks. Last but not least, you may also suggest to your manager to visit those external workshops. and he/she will fully aware of why many have left the agent servicing center for good.
  2. Oic.. i tot since when it become automatic... or maybe owner own class3a... so change the manual to auto... almost abt to text him. Haa
  3. Interesting specification; [1] Porche brakes [2] "Long" shifter [3] No iconic number tag (xxx/600) But may still worth nego for a better pricing due to the new specification owner installed in this ride.
  4. Thanks to 9tro .... Sharing the list of approved exhaust for difference car model. http://www.9tro.com/news/lta-approved-exhaust
  5. Market now turning into bullish.... most SGX bluechip are in the run. Reits are gearing up for a dash soon too.
  6. You may check up SGCARMART for a quick reference for your selling price .... whether if it match to your own selling price...
  7. Hahaha ... remind us of our younger days where we both scared and still played it...
  8. Dont change anything.... enjoy the spooling of the Turbo ... Enjoy everything "stock" first...
  9. if it free... then change it. If it is not free... then forget about it. You dont race all the time ... or you dont breath racing all the time ..... <Unless you are a racer by profession> But the 2.5L sit in your car all the time ..... Your car run on SG road most of the time .... while TP are out on the SG road all the time !!!! So what do you think?
  10. Structure difference and once bonnet open ... is like strip naked !!! So beware .... look where you going while in the dark side
  11. SGX market has seem consolidating for the past few trading weeks, and is seem to be gearing up for a little Bull Run .... For those into stocks, time to do stock shopping.
  12. So near WEST ... din buzz me... !!! Long wanted to go Bodoh to drink kopi !!! hahahaha
  13. SGX market has seen to give a fresh breath, with slow momentum of getting GREEN ... Stay tune bra ....
  14. Around < 1k Before you go for tunning ... ensure you have done all the necessary installment / modification (air intake, etc) you need to do.
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