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  1. Bro, google it and u can still find in the net.. http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=6527
  2. up for the cam.. still selling..
  3. Hi All, have one of this unit for sales.. still in good condition.. front and back camera.. using in car batt with adaptor to cut off when car batt low so make sure can start car.. on my current ride can last for almost 2 days without starting car. reason for sales is going to upgrade.. retail close to $600 new previously.. going at $350 negotiable. Spec as per below link. Xmas special! Price reduce! $288! http://thinkware.com.sg/fxd700/ Interested party pls PM me with price and contact for fast deal! thanks for reading..
  4. sorry la.. i very broke one...
  5. M5 wait for u to change la.. super overprice car! I rather get mazdarati!
  6. seem to use up quite fast.. anyone got review of Conti CSC5?
  7. no la.. where got hardcore.. just do one thing nia.. and that's the result.. so where got hardcore???
  8. BTW, any good tyre to recommend anyone? currently on F1A2.. not so bad..
  9. aisei! not bad.. thou can break the 600bhp barrier.. not yet.. not really done yet.. just dyno recently only.. wait till i get my gearbox program upgrade.. believe will be better result...
  10. Guys... anyone know how to read these figure??? Engine Power: 594.0 Cv @ 0 rpm Engine Torque: 65.3 kg-m @ 6129 rpm
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