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  1. Hi nav1, any update of your coilover? I also looking around for one. Thx in advance
  2. Hihi, pleasantly surprised to see an active thread here Driving around in the WRX VA after TS fully roi last June. Although it took me awhile to get use to the CVT , I still enjoy the ride. Drive safe, Drive hard! Cheers
  3. Thank you, cleared. Left equal extractor, not inspection friendly. Self collect $15.
  4. Revised pricing, do offer for SS with free taillight swap
  5. Is a waste to let the nice brake light go this way... SS fast deal. U offer!
  6. Between, I go inspection with these tail light 4 times. All ok. Watsapp me, if intetested.
  7. Yes and is with cert, lta approved. Do watsapp me if intetested 97632508
  8. 1) SS dual tip, no dent, $480 2) 4-2-1 extractor $20, TS 3) Alutec Strut bar $80, TS 4) lightened pulley $30 If you help clear these above remaining stuffs 5) brake light free swap, you pay labour, see image 6) Hurricane air filter free swap 7) 2 & 4 also can free swap, you pay labour A lot free swap liao, don't low ball me. Thx
  9. lucky no one injured. sound rilli scary...
  10. Bro Clarke stays there? I shld check with him see if he can help... thx
  11. My buddy got into an accident along stagmont ring, he send his car to Kranji Loop for repair. I pick him up and went over his place, Quintet, for a drink. Came down, surprise by a huge yellow wheel clamps. Talk to security manager, he insists pay $150 to release, however valid reason for parking due to accident can appeal. I thot fair, he's doing his job but I juz understand he quit and now the appeal was rejected. This happen last month any bro staying in Quintet and know who call the shot there? My buddy oversea and I dun wan go all the way there. I thot they have been very dishonest, exp the Manager, Charles.