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  1. Hi any advice? is it gd for R2? Anyone have installed?
  2. I have done Pivot VS + 6 pt silver grounding .... but dun seem tat good ... my FC dun help much but it seems worsen abit... Though air con, head light become cooler and brighter. However, i dunno y ... My rpm at times will sudden rev veri high at idling and travelling.... and the high rpm remain throughout the whole trip .... taking as R2's usual rpm - 80km/hr = 3 rpm .... but when the " prob " came ... it become 80km/hr = 4.5 rpm ! Anyone encounter this? this happen after i install my vs
  3. hmm... no one mod bodykit for R2?
  4. hmm ... hagrid ? where is it? any website on it ?
  5. hi nick is tat u? nitelort...
  6. In Japan, R2 is a popular car. Lots of them mod and have its body kit , but not in singapore. On the road, I haven even see a R2 mod with body kit. 1) I would need some idea how to mod my R2 outlook. Who has actually do it? Can share? 1) Recommended place for custom made body kit for my R2. ( I wan to do it cheap. Maybe recommended place in JB?)
  7. Who know where to get visor for R2 ? please let me know thanks