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  1. Car Scarp and so letting go at cheap price. IOne i900HD Car Camera with 16 GB memory card and Uninterrupted power suppy (24 hrs recording) $70.00 nett Schnell Ultimate II Engine OIl 5W/40 $15.00 nett Item 1: Self collection from Turf Club Road (Bukit Timah) during office hour. After office hour will be at Punggol Item 2: Self collection at Punggol after office hour. No Low baller, please! Interested, Please provide mobile number.
  2. Lelong sale!! Taken out from my ride. No more driving cos COE too expensive!! 1. I Road i900HD with 16gb Memory card + Free Uninterrupted power cable - recording 24hrs (Made in Korean)- $70.00 2. MOHAWK Silver MS 300.4 ( 4 channels) amp - $70.00 (SOLD) 3. Scanguage II - $70.00 (RESERVED for xxxx x442 till Tuesday Evening) Interested, please PM me and leave down contact number. Collection for item 1 and 3 can be done at Bukit Timah during office hour OR at Punggol after office hour. Collection for Item 2 only can be done at Punggol after office hours.
  3. Most of us don't go back to agent to service our ride. No point to wait there for few hours just to service ur ride or repair. I rather save the time by going to pro Subaru workshop to do.
  4. To replace the timing belt for 2007 Mazda CX7. What are the require parts that need to be change and what is the estimate pricing for the replacement? Appreciate all advise. Thanks
  5. Thanks thanks. Settled. Connect thru amp and realise is connected directly to battery. Disconnect it and got a shop pull 2 wire from my front fuse box to behind my boot
  6. Bro Big Toe. Used to be full tank to switch on reserved light at 380/400km. Before tuning, was at about 320 to 330km. After tuning around 360 to 370km. Bro Shylock. TS pick up is the slowest for 1.6 category due to AWD and body is heavy. Legal mod only help abit, tuning might also helps but don't expect too much only unless u decided to install a "snail" inside.
  7. To all bros.. @ BeeFour6922, slightly better FC but better respond. @ R_aquarii, no dynochart as I did road tuning.no extra budget of $180 for dyno T. @ Shylock, I installed my unichip with dynotune more than 4 years ago by Alex(opp BMS) cannot recall how much. This time round I went retuning by Andrew at $380 with rewiring FC slightly better but not to my expectation. Tuning never been cheap but if I got the choice, I would want to save the money. However if u have some mod on your vehicle, good to do some tuning. Andrew is located at midview city near LTA. Please call him at 9859 0800
  8. Didn't went to Benny. Out of my budget. Went tuning with Andrewvtw
  9. No point buying new one. Look out for second hand Rex 2006/2007 model inverted one, can fit in for TS
  10. Need advise. Is Roadstone and Nexen tyre belongs to the same manufacturer? Went Soh brother change my tyre and the boss say it the same.
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