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  1. I also just got the same model and looking. Seems mostly Forester talk these days.
  2. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    they list subaru. maybe will message them.
  3. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    You are right there is no EDM option on their main website but there is a European distributor for Accessport.
  4. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    I didn't know that Edge do opensource. Last time I tuned with them was 10 years ago and it was Ecutek. Yup could do myself but trial and error is probably going to end up way more expensive at the end of the day. I will talk to Ken.
  5. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    Of course a stock WRX is much more than enough.. lol.. I just liked the idea of the Accessport with the monitoring built in and ability to use of the shelf maps if I wanted to try myself. . At least I get something physical for my money unlike Ecuteck that was just a licence. Do you use a tuner for your opensource?
  6. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    Mine is also an 08 hatch. In my previous WRX I messed around with mods but in the end I went back to almost stock because it was better for city driving. Might just tune this one to improve the low to mid range response a bit and maybe find a legal exhaust. I used Edge/Ecutek for tuning last time but noticed a lot of people now talking about the Cobb Accessport on overseas forums but not sure its available here or has maps suitable for Singapore.
  7. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    The only thing i dont like is the increase in road tax up but when you look at total cost its crazy not to renew. My WRX is an 08 hatchback that was a weekend car and never modded so looking forward to doing a few thing to it. What year is yours?
  8. dd

    Back on Subaru Club.

    That figures. Could not understand why new ones were so expensive now that COE's are about $30k. Good reason to keep the older WRX's on the road.
  9. Joined this forum back in 2006 when I bought a hawkeye WRX. Had fun with it for 7 years and then I left Singapore. Back again and just bought a 2008 wrx hatch with a fresh 10 years of COE. Same old car underneath a new skin. This site is very quiet these days. Do most people post on the facebook site?
  10. Must be clean & regularly serviced (with proof). Prefer stock but will consider light mods. No high mileage cars please. Must be street legal. PM please.
  11. Am leaving SIngapore and looking to sell my WRX. Need a quick sale so best offer under $30K. Have owned since new, low Km (70k), fully serviced by Edge, Stock except for EcuTek, Brembo upgrade & Koyorad radiator. Paper value today is about $19k. Call David 90011350 or PM.
  12. I looked at the same car early in June when was thinking of switching to an STI. Dealer said it was a Bridgestone tyre show car and previously owned by their MD in Singapore. Should not be difficult to check. Surprised it has not been sold already.
  13. Did you solve your problem? I fitted a Brembo kit last week and have same problem. Touch brake lightly and they squeal loud but push harder and OK. Fitted with skimmed rotors but secondhand pads. Are there quieter pads or something else I can do. Squeal is very annoying.
  14. mine cost $300+ and took 2 days. Its above the rear diff etc so lots work to get out and put back. For me we could see some marks where fuel had run down the side of tank so we knew roughly where it was. Make sure you get them to check all other possibilities first.
  15. I had a similar problem a few months back and tried all the usual fixes but nothing worked. I could smell it around the fuel tank and the smell would get into the car. Would feel light headed after driving a while. In the end my workshop found it but they had to drop the petrol tank out as there are some lines on top are not accessible through the fuel pump access hole.
  16. I brought some bulky stuff back from Melbourne a few months back and no problems. Its more a question of pricing. The yen is very expensive right now.
  17. dd

    Change username

    Help Desk How do I change my username from DD to Superroo. Cant do it in Profile. Can you change for me? Thanks
  18. I have the same problem with the smell so I put back original. Performance down a lot. If i take one cat out should it be the one at the top near the turbo or the bottom.
  19. You are right. read a post early this year that Garage R might get something approved but i guess that did not happen.
  20. Does anybody know if its possible to buy new in Singapore to replace original dp on a MY06 wrx 2.5. Used would also be ok but never seen any advertised.
  21. Hey Valium. I can speak with authority. I drive a 2.5 wrx and my wife has a manual rx8 from MM. FC is about the same for stock cars - driven same way. Rotary has no torque down low so you need to rev it - turbine like sound when you open it up. Some other things to consider. RX8 is a pure 4 seater, though space in back is good for what is comparable to a 2+2. Leg room is about the same as WRX - but in RX8 you sit very low and have a porthole to look out - I dont like the closed in feeling. Boot is OK in size but has a high lip. Hard to put suitcase. No spare tyre - only emergency inflator - every flat means you have to buy a new tyre. 18" not cheap. RX8 also drinks a lot of oil. must always check and remove a plastic engine cover - annoying. no comparison on interiors - RX8 is much better. Mazda 6 speed box is great - precise and fast - so much better than the 5 speed wrx which is a bit of a dog.
  22. Bought some from there last week. Around $20 after discount.
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