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  1. The brown with yellow strip is confirmed to be reverse or backup wire
  2. Anybody know what color are the wires for VSS and reverse? Is it these 2?
  3. mind sharing how much you spent on tuning?
  4. next IT show in march 8-11
  5. hi can pm me how much you spent & what are the improvements?
  6. Very nice
  7. Any spark plug optimizers installed?
  8. ... 97/1/.html
  9. Is the keyword here install? If no headunit but use handphone to listen to radio considered installed? If headunit no radio receiving function also must pay?
  10. ... o_boo.html
  11. If go for spray paint, would they take out the dings & dents before spraying? Or need to remove them before sending for spray?
  12. How accurate is the computation really?
  13. Is it cheaper to keep changing buses rather than taking a single trip that goes the longer distance?
  14. (if equipped) in the manual my TS not equipped