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  1. Thanks SSGT.. Any idea how much is needed for the RS2.0 gear box? 1 tin enough.. Lucky it's this.. It's much cheaper to replace the fluid.. Shall buy 3 tins..
  2. Hi Guys, wanna check. Is the gear box CVT or not? i kept having this thought that its CVT. If it's not can i use the Toyota ATF will do?
  3. i'm having 9-10km/litre.. 70% highway/expressway. Grip on corner with Pilot sport is pretty good..
  4. I've got a pair of front leather seat, $100 to go. Driver side has some scratches but can't really see. Or you can take my STI leather bucket seat but still on my car $200. All for impreza hawkeye. Labour each to his own.
  5. Selling with Hankook Tires RS2. Left 50% Some scuff... $1.2k with swap of 16/15" rim & tires.
  6. You can buy my Weds (Wedsports) TC105N 100 x 5... Forged and damn light.. might need trade if interested.. it's retailing $7XX plus per piece.. but i wanna sell at $1200 including pretty new tires..
  7. Rack modded to fit impreza 02-06/7.. Selling $280 Condition 8/10 Subaru Decals (Need STimulation) to give away with purchased of the seats*... ($10 each piece, Giving away 2..) Labour each to his own... PM me with ur number
  8. Does the Runstop fit the Forester XT stock front brakes?
  9. STi front ( Driver and Passenger) wrapped with leather and modified for use on 1.6i - $300 1.6i front (Driver and Passenger) leather good condition - $180 No Labour required, each to his own... Note: Any one of the above set gone first, the sale will end.
  10. I've got a pair of STI seats but wrapped in leather and used for 3 yrs. Railings has been modified to fit 1.6i... if u are interested. PM me..
  11. No worrries bro.. glad u could make it this time round... Hope everyone is satisfied with the outcome.. Veilside05... bro.. i'm afraid u will have to endure till the next one.. which might be 6 months down the road...
  12. Yup it's confirmed.. See u guys at 10 onwards.. Advise.. Pls wash ur car and have post it notes if you have.. Those with more than 10 dents.. Come around 11am instead.. So we can clear those with lesser dents first..
  13. Location : blk 104A MSCP Henderson Crescent , Deck 4A Date: 12th Jan 2014, Sun Time : 1000am - 130pm Price : > $10 < $80 Satisfaction : Priceless Instructions: 1) Queue Number will be given based on FCFS, Park alternate lots. Pls park from the end of the Lots.. 2) Price is determined by Uncle Gary (not me) Limited to 20 cars for now: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. --------------------------END-----------------------
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