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  1. Any bro encounter click click click sound coming from rear brakes when braking? Even tap lightly on the brakes also got sound.
  2. Any problem or temp error problem for TS to install WRX speedo?
  3. Seriously I am beginning to suspect that this is a common defect for impreza....any other brothers experience the same problem. Bring it to the workshop to check, it will take 2 days to dismantle everything under the fuel tank to reach the 2 feeders I was talking abt.
  4. Ya ya correct, I am looking for that. hahaha ur nick is v familar, I think I saw ur car. Rally blue WRX ....v fierce car! U hang ard serangoon area ya? Bro, can PM me where you bought that?
  5. Who interested? http://www.rs25.com/forums/f5/t84807-ca ... irbox.html
  6. Any bro know where to get customize wordings in LED lights?
  7. I remembered there used to be a nice sticker shop in turf city and then shifted to IMM and now gone, any brother know any other shops that sells decals, small item stickers etc?
  8. Change super light weight rim, cold air, exo and unichip - all these done should help a fair bit.
  9. It's not mine dude, mine is more stock than stock
  10. It is ok, go ahead, at least it showed that the questions I asked are relevant contrary to some of the weird and bo liao comments I gotten. We are all learning from each other mah.
  11. Hi bro, must be someone using my nick. I dun have account in other forums.
  12. thanks for paying so much attention to my queries. Brother renta is indeed helpful, anyway, for your info - teamsk, in case u dying to know, I am considering 2 choices, Advan, prodrive. Replica RS on 235 tyres is just a question asked on behalf of my potential buyer.
  13. Ok thanks for your advice, in that case I better consult the professionals
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