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Found 3 results

  1. Want to buy STI coil springs, to fit exiga gt. can contact 9798 0 22 8 thanks!
  2. Hey guys i really don't know who to go to already but i really love my subbie and i really need help, I currently have a Autronic SM4 installed on my car its been a few years already but recently its been giving me alot of problems, the thing is im not sure if the problem is regarding the ECU or the hardware itself. i am currently facing a few problems and i'm not very sure on how to solve these problem's so yea here are the problems i have now, 1. The tune in the car just don't stick..... the tune keeps running, after tuning the car, the car ran perfectly no sign's of back fire or anything the car just ran smoothly, but if the weather changes for example, rain or even if the temperature of the air is different from when i got the car tuned, not like 1 or 2 degrees like maybe from a 34 degree to a 28 or 30 degrees the tune run's, after tuning my car recently i went for a car wash and after the wash, my car ran really rough like the idle wasn't very smooth and the car itself actually died. Had to start it up for awhile while stepping on the throttle to let the engine heat up for it to idle properly again,, but even after that i start hearing backfire's like not from the muffler but i think from the extractor, because i could actually hear sounds coming from the extractor and it definitely sounds like fuel combusting due to the heat from the extractor. The tune itself runs richer i think after that and because the tune runs my boost cuts halfway, like i would reach 6k rpm and it would suddenly just cut off..... i'm really thinking it might be because a sensor is spoilt or something in my car that has gone bad, but as i'm using Autronic i'm unable to determine which or what is causing the problem..... But everytime after having this problem i quickly drive it back to my tuner to get it touched up so as not to hurt my car in any way, but recently it has been happen really too often to a point where the car is not drivable..... 2. Other than having the tune problem my car recently started hesistating really badly, at first the tuner thought it was the TPS sensor, so i quickly changed it and got a retune, but after changing the sensor the car still continued to hesitate even after the tune, oh yea i would also start the car from cold and it would keep dying, but this only happens sometimes and other times it would start up okay, then when i'm driving the car it would keep hesitating like keep jerking and sometimes when i drive it, it feel's as though 1 cylinder wasn't working, i would feel it because the car would start to shake alot like an unbalance in the engine and sometimes it would feel as though 2 cylinders wasn't working as the engine shook even more and the power was really really gone and when this happen's the car would keep back firing, really alot..... i recently just rebuit my engine, changed the clutch and changed the spark plugs..... so i'm thinking this problem might be really related to the 1st problem..... i went around different forums and found a guy with similar problems and most of them told him to change his coil's, but after changing his coil's the problem still wasn't fixed..... furthermore when i'm driving sometimes it would be okay like all four cylinder working no misfire's and after awhile it would just happen again, but really often..... so i'm thinking it might not be the coil's because if there was a problem with the coil's wouldn't the coils not work at all? and i would continue having only 2 to 3 cylinders working or something like that and also because i'm using aftermarket coil's changing the coils back to the new subaru direct coil's would really cost alot of money because they would have to trace back the coil's wiring to my wiring harnest and have it changed this and that, so yea i just wanna make sure before i actually changed it because i'm not very sure if its the coil's problem..... this is the guy with the similar problem: http://www.ozhonda.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-144897.html This 2 are the problems that i am facing now and its really a headache as i really do not know what is causing this problems, because i could spend a thousand changing the coil's trying to fix problem 2 but even if it really fixes it problem 1 would still be there, so i'm really thinking that there is a sensor in my car that is spoilt or something that is causing both problem 1 and 2, so i really hope you guys could help me out, maybe someone has faced this problems as well? really wanna keep driving my subbie, hurts so much to see it like this :'( Oh yea and i have quite a respectable and well known tuner so i'm guessing it's not the tuning part that is wrong, but maybe? : (
  3. Hi Guys, Selling 2 set of 2.5l NA Ignition coil and Cable Set for use on 1.6 TS. Stronger spark, better reponse, Better fuel efficiency 2.5l NA Ignition Coil (22433AA570 ) 2.5l NA Ignition Coil (spare) NGK spark cable ( FX58 <- less than 1year old) Normal spark cable(spare) Selling $200 for both Set together, Cash and Carry. Please kindly note that this was from 2.5l intake manifold, so mounting not 100% compatibilty but still mountable on 1.6 manifold. *Selling because backside itchy, upgraded coil again. **Not selling my intake manifold ATM, unless the offered price is good. Please contact me at
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