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Found 7 results

  1. 1. Stock 2.0/2.5 extractor with up pipe -$20 2. Cockeye engine original undertray -$20 3. Radiator fan -$20 4. Pink STI injector -$100 5. SARD fuel regulator (large) -$50 6. DW 301 high flow fuel pump -$100 7. Mcguard security anti theft lug nuts -$50 keen Watsapp 93388772
  2. Looking for Defi BF Fuel Press set (pref red lighting), if not white also can. Must be in working condition and comes with all necessary accessories! -Meter -Meter cup+stand -Link Wire (short) -Sensor cable + link cable to CU2 Controller Whatsapp/SMS me @ 91seven6seven8seven6 to deal!! Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, just got my WRX 2.5 Manual about a week ago so i got about 280KM when my fuel are left with 1 quarter left. Is this normal ? heard that it can hit 400 per full tank. FYI my engine are stock no mods.
  4. Brand: Kidde (from USA) Made In: Mexico Weight: 1.5 KG Type: ABC Dry Chemical (Powder Form) Uses: Good for home or car Price: $25 each (4 or more negotiable) Contact: 9112 3788 More information can be found from the link below: http://www.kidde.com/Pages/Home.aspx#.U042g_mSya8 The New Paper | Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014 SINGAPORE - A taxi caught fire on Lornie Road yesterday afternoon. In the last month alone, there were three reported cases of vehicles bursting into flames. SCDF said in an advisory that most vehicle fires here occur while the vehicles are travelling on the road. "The primary cause of these fires is due to ignition sources, such as overheating and electrical faults within the engine compartment," it said. SCDF advises drivers to equip their vehicles with a fire extinguisher. To minimise injuries, pull over at the side of the road if you spot smoke coming out from your vehicle. Turn off the ignition and evacuate everyone. This article was published on April 6 in The New Paper. - See more at: http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story/yet-another-vehicle-catches-fire#sthash.2L7SKOCM.dpuf
  5. Looking for just one defi Fuel Pressure Gauge with Red back light along with the necessary cables and cup holder. *I do not require the CU2. No fake stuff plz. 91524453
  6. Hi guys, only after installed a fuel regulator with gauge, then i know my fuel pressure is erratic. Ok so all readings below are taken when car is idling. when car is idling, fp was set to 3bar, after driving/boosting for awhile, it dropped to 2.7 or 2.8bar. Seeing it dropped, we set the fp now set to 3.2bar, so after driving/boosting for awhile, the fp increased to 3.8bar and hold constant there. have tried to adjust many times but the fp just wont stable down and keep showing reading at different point. So is there any possibility of any hardware failure or what is not done right? Thanks.!
  7. Hi, recently i just converted my clutch from a wet to a dry clutch set and it started working very well, but as it was very different, its very hard getting used to the dry clutch so sometimes when i move off my whole car will vibrate quite abit so now i try revving it abit more to around 3k rpm before moving off and it was alright at first but recently sometimes when i move off i hear alot of weird noises coming from my clutch area so i'm very worried about this problem, the sound is not the rattling sound from dry clutch but it almost feels like i've spoilt the clutch, im currently using a HKS Twin Plate and what are the maintenances that i have to do to a dry clutch? not very sure about that as well, also im not sure if it's just me or recently my Fuel Surge tank is also buzzing louder than it used to like alot louder but it might be because today i was driving for about 100+km non stop or does that never happen? hmm so if anyone has any idea please do let me know haha thank you : )
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