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Found 55 results

  1. MASS DEKIT! All original parts used less than 2 years on a 2017 dec impreza 4D 2.0 1. Original rays g35 full forged 5x100, black with silver trim, comes with cpc6 (good for another 10000km)- require swop with original 17" rims and tyres (Bought $4200, selling at $1500) 2. Original Subaru front fog covers with DRL + Fuse box + switch (Part number H4517FL200, H4517FL110, H4517FL900)- cash and carry (Bought $555 from japan, selling at $250) 3. Original STI auto dimming side mirrors with arrow indicators (STI part number ST91039ST140 ) - only for those with side led mirror indicators - cash and carry (Bought $280 from japan, selling $140) 4. Original STI front flexible tower bar (STI part SG517FL500)- cash and carry (Bought direct from japan, selling $200) 5. Original STI Flexible draw stiffener front (STI part ST20118GH000) - cash and carry (Bought direct from japan, selling $170) 6. K&n air filter, just cleaned and recharged with new oil -only for GK/GT/SK impreza/XV/forester- cash and carry (Selling $70) 7. Original Subaru Rockford speaker/DSP upgrade for HK HU (subaru part SOA0SFL000), throw in free rear Rockford speaker upgrade too - swop with stock paper speakers (Bought from USA subaru, rear speakers locally purchased, total $700, selling for $350) best upgrade for those with HK HU who does not want to spend a bomb on audio, comparable to 1.2k setup while retaining the stock and integrated look. 8. Original STI gear knob (STI Part C1010FL010)- cash and carry (Bought for $220 subaru USA, selling $100) 9. Original STI Red with LED engine start button - cash and carry (Bought from MI Leng Kee, selling $100) 10. Original Subaru rear seat protectors (subaru part J501SFL401) - cash and carry (Bought $120 from subaru USA, selling $60) 11. Original Subaru rear cargo tray for 4D (Subaru part J501SFL311) - cash and carry (Bought from subaru USA $120, selling $60) 12. Original Subaru rear right lamp cluster for 4d(Subaru Part 84912FL12A)( so that you will have 2 reverse lights + symmetrical look) - cash and carry (Bought from subaru USA $220, Selling $110) 13. Reserved 14. Original STI lock nuts in black with removal key (20pcs) - cash and carry (Bought from MI Toa Payoh, selling for $100) 15. Original subaru sport grille (Subaru part J1017FL300) - Bought for $446 from Subaru japan, selling $200 Also have 16. Stoptech front and rear ssbh brand new not installed - cash and carry (Bought $156 while I was in USA, singapore selling almost $400. Im selling for $120) Please text me individually and collect by next week. Thanks!
  2. Hi, dekitting my s-gt: 1) 4 pot front and 2 pot rear gold brembo brakes 2) engine is equipped with sti conrods, sti camshafts and 2.2l stroker kit 3) process west intercooler 4) fuji exos with cert 5) AEM methanol kit 6) K&N open pod intake 7) Varis GT wing 8) Enkei PF01 All items are still on ride now. If you have any inquiries, please whatsapp me at 82684022.
  3. Looking for D shape steering wheel. Pm me to discuss.
  4. Contact me at 92998387 1) Sgt stock hid headlights $250 - 1 pair - lights all working when took out - condition 7/10 due to fog on inside of headlight glass - c&c don’t need swap 2) S-GT stock bypass valve bov $80 - changed to bov - good working condition - c&c don’t need swap 3)Universal bumper hole plate $30 - 1 pair 6 holes - black in colour with nuts/screws provided 4)Universal HKS engine oil cover $50 - preciously used on Sgt - good condition 5) Universal Full black suede aftermarket steering $100 - come as it is - don’t need swap - suede material 6) STI hb side mirror $250 - one pair - blue colour tinted signal lights - c&c don’t need swap 7) Sgt stock steering wheel $200 - good working condition - buttons working - don’t need swap 8) Sti hb stock spoiler $150 - fair condition Top parts need respraying if you are fussy - 3rd brake light working - looks better than stock Impreza/sgt/wrx wing - c&c don’t need swap 9) Sti hb front pair seats $450 - according to ad 10) Sti hb varis front bumper with lip $450 minimum w/o spray $650 including spray - according to ad Photos and more ads over at: I’m selling my Subaru SGT / Universal Accessories / Parts here: http://sg.carousell.com/p/224411744
  5. Good day everyone and happy Mid autumn to all who celebrates. I am a new owner of the Forester Eyesight from Nov 20th 2018. Never driven a Subaru before nor own a SUV. Fell in love with this car the moment I lay my eyes, feet and hands on it. However, my love was cut short by the numerous problem encountered with my new love. 1) 3 days after collecting the new car, there was a persistent rumbling sounds below the driver seat area, tested with MI service advisor who even commented "was it a motorbike passed by". MI took my driver seat away and diagnosed was due to fuel pipe loose. Really! A brand new car? 2) Immediately after the above rectification works was done by MI, my driver seat emitted ricketing sound like metal rubbing against each other. MI investigated and screwed my driver seat bolts and nuts tighter. 3) The climax of the problem appeared on 11th Dec 2018, less than 3 weeks of driving this new car and after being too MI workshop twice, and coincidentally this problem appeared one day after MI rectified my driver seat sound. My car loss power and jerk at traffic light and while cruising! Almost resulting in an accident! This time my poor new car was at MI workshop for more than 9 days! The diagnosis was due to the TCM module that had to be replaced. MI claimed they were able to replicate the similar symptom in another car when they plugged my faulty TCM there. Throughout my first few problems with my new ride, prior to the last problem, anyone could see that MI workshop workmanship is unacceptable. When my car was at MI last for the 9 days troubleshooting, I even have to asked for a courtesy car. However, since Mr David Koh, Customer Service Manager, ttook over and after our first face to face meeting initiated by me, things turned for the better. I was updated on the progress of the work done until I collected my car yesterday on 21st December 2018. David was able to turn my bad experience with Subaru around and make me assured that there's still a glimmer of hope dealing with MI. How about my ride? I guess it's day two of getting my car back. I just have to watch how it goes. So far I still love my Forester for its space and feel. I hope that this is the last problem I will ever face with this new ride until wear and tear sets in. Good luck everyone Bruce Lee
  6. Hi all, selling some brand new parts which I bought but never used. Clutch set for Subaru WRX/STi 2008-09 GR/GH A-B - GRB - $350 https://sg.carousell.com/p/new-clutch-set-for-subaru-wrx-sti-2008-09-gr-gh-a-b-grb-200690681/ SUBARU STI TIMING BELT - $150 https://sg.carousell.com/p/new-subaru-sti-timing-belt-original-part-200691172/ Halogen LENS AND BODY, HEAD LAMP for Subaru Impreza WRX/STi 2008-14 GR/GH/GV C-E - $400 https://sg.carousell.com/p/complete-set-original-halogen-lens-and-body-head-lamp-for-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-2008-14-gr-gh-gv-c-e-new-162933355/ Subaru 92114 LID ASSY, CONSOLE BOX - $50 https://sg.carousell.com/p/new-subaru-92114-lid-assy-console-box-200691777/ All original with receipt from Japan.
  7. WTB Buy all sti and wrx. Please call 96376768.For a very good price.
  8. Dear friends, please see if anything interest you, clearing some storeroom space 1. HKS Hipermax III coilovers - dekitted from Exiga GT, might be able to fit hatch (pls check with ur workshop for compatibility) 2. 17" Forged Prodrive GC07c rims, 5x100 pcd, +38 offset - no kerb rash, do note only 3 pieces available, 4th piece was punctured by an industrial screw (on the road) and disposed. Good for those replacing damaged rims of the same kind or buy as spare for your sprints/races. 3. Stock brake calipers, rotors and brake pads - removed from Exiga GT for upgrades and kept in store since. Very good condition and plenty of meat left. Please feel free whatsapp to 8188 08 59 for pictures and discussion. Avoid pm in forum as may not be logging in that frequent. Cheers!
  9. WTB Buy all sti and wrx. Please call 96376768.For a very good price.
  10. I have two units of original subaru STI rim for sale without tyre. Fit original tyre of 245 40 18 inches. If you are keen to buy a spare call me at 96783898 best regards
  11. Looking to sell my modded June 2008 Subaru Forester 2.5XT (SH9) as whole car or dekit. Engine rebuilt late 2016, timing belt changed 1 month ago. Full records of servicing done, mods etc. Part list as follows : EJ25 Built by SPT Performance Wiseco 100mm Forged Pistons Subaru Conrods STI Nitrated Crankshaft ACL Race Bearings Cometic Headgaskets SPT TD05 20g Turbo - $400 Process West TMIC w/Under-bonnet shroud - $800 FLO Thickcore Radiator - $300 Greddy RZ BOV - $200 Greddy Profec OLED - $500 Coolingmist Water meth kit - $300 COBB Tuning airflow pipe w/K&N Open Pod filter - $250 DENSO Iridium IKH22 Cusco Oil Catch Can - $50 Walbro 255 FP - $250 SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator - $150 Stock 550cc injectors Stock Headers Stock Downpipe decat - $150 Invidia Q300 Catback - $1300 Handling Mods TopTech Monotube Coilovers - $600 Brembo gold STI 4/2, Bendix Ultimate Brake Pads, Mintex Rotors - $1200 Whiteline 24mm front ARB - $200 Whiteline 22mm rear ARB - $200 Summit rear tie bar rod - $150 CUSCO Front Strut Bar - $200 Cosmetic mods STI Gearknob - $50 STI EO Cover - $50 After Market “Angel eyes” Headlights - $350 Beatrush alternator cover - $50 CUSCO Battery tie down - $30 Recaro SR3 (STI) with customised brackets - $600 Thank you for your time. Contact me @ 8484 5785, SMS/Whatsapp.
  12. WTB Buy all sti and wrx. Please call 96376768.For a very good price.
  13. Bnib lightened weight crank pulley for 08 wrx/sti cash & carry at $160 Pls check with your workshop for any other models that is not stated . Thks . Do contact me if interested at 97834935 . TYIA
  14. Hi Bros, Going to scrap my 2,5GT end of this month. Besides the stock items VF44 - TwinScroll turbo, Rewrap Dashboard 17inch rim Let me know if you guys interested in the parts. Although a pity, else we send to scrap.
  15. Balance of 4pcs of summit racing brace out from Subaru 2007 wrx 2.5. - Front Cross member frame, - Front Lower Brace (H Bar), - Lower Side Support Brace (L and Right) Each pcs selling at $70 cash and carry. Price will be cheaper for all of it. Please contact me at 9741 3666 to deal. Thanks.
  16. Hi , do any bro know how to adjust the 2007 model Hawkeye headlight lower ??? it seem to be too bright and much more higher than usual car..
  17. Hi, I have a set of Cosworth pistons for sale - previously used in a 2007 WRX STI (EJ257). For specs on the pistons, please refer to this link (the model number is PA2667+025): http://res.cloudinary.com/cosworthpreformance/image/upload/v1480541642/pdfs/Piston_Information_Sheets.pdf For pictures and contact, please refer to this Carousell link: https://carousell.com/p/cosworth-pistons-85187092/ Looking at $550 CNC. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
  18. Fuji Catback with Cert - 450 + Swap stock SGT/WRX Pioneer player, GPS, reverse cam - 550 Vttr brakes - $300 c&c Labour on buyer, deal at buyer workshop PM contact only to deal
  19. Hi Folks, Selling or Dekiting my Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5GT AWD Car Details: COE until 27 September 2017 OMV 30411 Accident free car Fully serviced by BKS (northlink) with full service records Pearl White color Car Parts: Original Spec B twin scroll turbo Original AP Racing 5200 with slotted cross drilled rotors with relatively new brake pads Steel braided brake hoses Original 18 Inch Rays Engineering CE28 Forged Rims (rare) with very new 4 pcs of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 (only 15k mileage) Original Blitz Boost Controller Original Defi meters (Turbo, Water Temp, Oil Temp) with holders Original Defi CU2 version 2.0 STi lowering springs (No leaks), original springs will be given also Extended center Console Original STi Pedals Original STi Gear Knob Koyo Aluminium Radiator ATF Cooler Cusco Metal Undertray Thule Roof Rack 3M mats for full car including boot New air-con compressor New MAF sensor and many more... Will be looking at selling the car at 22.8K with all the above parts. Please SMS me at (8one8 8one8 32) if you are interested or have any queries. Refer to pictures here:
  20. hi, im looking at exiga gt (ya5) exhaust.. anybody selling pls pm me or whatsapp me 92 95 95 47
  21. Hi All, I have used Motec M800 plug and play version for subaru for those model with e-throttle( 4 socket / ECU socket). Item can be delivered to S'pore, currently at JB. PM/Call/Whatsapp: +6012 6605065. *prefer whatsapp for fast deal.
  22. Hi, Looking for a relatively stock base 2007 WRX 2.5 in manual. Prefer to buy from owner instead of dealers. If you have one for sale, do drop me a sms at 96390612. Thanks!
  23. Hi All, Scrapping MY06 Hawkeye WRX (Stock Blue) Car will be scrapped by 11th November. Just drop me a text for whatever parts you guys want and offer me any reasonable price. Low Ballers are welcomed. Here are the list of a few stuffs, any other parts not stated, can try asking to see if its available. 1) STI Steering (Swap with WRX steering) 2) STI middle console (Aircon knobs are different, Swap with WRX console) 3) STI Gear cover console (STI stock piece, Swap with WRX console) 4) STI Stock SpeedoMeter (Swap with WRX meter) 5) STI Rear Bumper in stock blue colour (slight knock by some hit and run case, Swap with any bumper preferably blue) 6) STI intercooler (Swap with WRX intercooler) 7) STI Stock Turbo (should be vf34, Swap any turbo) 8) STI Stock Gold Rims with 2 months old Michelin PS4 stil alot of mileage left (Rims not in excellent condition, 17inch, 5x114.3) 9) STI boot and high mount spoiler in stock Blue (Swap any boot preferably blue) 10) STI Intercooler Spray tank (no swap required) 11) WRX Semi-Bucket Stock Seats in full Black, back and front (Not Leather, condition 7/10, swap any other seats) 12) WRX Stock SpeedoMeter (No Swap Required) 13) APS Thick Radiator (Swap required with any stock radiator) 14) Front 4 Pot Gold Brembo Brake Set with Project Mu Rotors, and 2 pot Back Gold Brembo Brake set with New Brake pads. (Swap required with any brake set) 15) 10mm Wheel Spacers (No swap required) Kindly Contact me for more details. All labour costs will be borne by buyer. pictures will be updated asap. HP: 90011910
  24. BINB Whiteline Lower Arm Bushings. Both sedan or HB can use. Product Code: W53353 and W0506 http://www.whiteline.com.au Selling for $200. Msg 91011095 to deal.
  25. A set of stock WRX STI suspension for sale. Left rear suspension has creaking noise - probably needs to be greased. Currently still on car, once someone confirms, will dekit and pass to buyer. For pics, visit the Carousell link: https://carousell.com/p/69273239/ Price: $250 C&C (Dekit cost from my car will be borne by me) Contact: Either via Carousell or SMS at 9022 8372 (Ben)
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