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Strange Aircon Problem - Super Cold

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I did a search on the forum and while most bro has the common issue of aircon not cold after a few years, I have a very strange aircon problem - mine is blowing super cold air all the time.


I am driving a MY07 STi (about 4 yrs old), so the aircon has climate control, which means hot weather the air will auto be colder and cold weather, it will auto adjust it to be not so cold. But the last few days I think the aircon went kuku, no matter what is the temp outside, it keeps blowing super cold air. Even at night and early in the morning, so cold that it's freezing and I need to turn it off. And even when I switch to "manual" control, same thing - keep blowing very cold air no matter what temp I set it at.


I just did my aircon servicing like 6 - 7 mths back. And I have nvr encountered this before. Any bro has experienced this? Some control inside spoilt is it?


Any good aircon workshop in the West to recommend? Thanks.

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