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Collaboration Project of your model BRZ

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Hi All,


First of all, I would like to introduce myself as Wilson. I am a automotive modeler in Singapore. I have been into this hobby for the past 5 years.


I am interested to do a collaboration or 2 for you guys. To put it very simply, it is like buying a model of your beloved BRZ, but it is customed to match your car as much as possible, color, mods, wheels(if i could find the model equivalent), dash, bodykits etc.. However, the more complicated the job, the longer it would take, and as with the price.


I have attached some pictures of my works, please do contact me over email at [email:2z0gffio][email protected][/email:2z0gffio] or call/sms 97654547 to discuss further.




Wilson =)















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Dear IceZone,


My models are plastic models, I do not do diecast modelling.


Basically, they are tamiya/aoshima/fujimi/hasegawa kits, so I do not want to give the false impression that I scratch build the kits totally up myself.


If you are looking for a box stock model, I think it would be very plain, and a little bit toy-like. As the title says, I would want to work with your actual BRZ, take photos, replicate the parts/wiring and other possible parts to the model.


Maybe if you meant a stock brz? without all that additional a/m parts, probably ard 200ish?


By the way, just to clarify, I'm not looking to do this as a business. I would have loved to be able to buy a car, and if the market has that model, replicate it to scale. Thus, I thought of this idea.





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Hi Blackmafia,


Thanks for your interest. However, my scope is limited by the kits on the market, and the modifications involved.


If there is an exiga on the market, for sure I would be glad to be of service.





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