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Hi Bros & Sis,

Have the following items to sell.All taken from 07 STI

1)Rota IKR 18 9.5 + 20 pcd 114.3(STI ONLY) black rims - $988


2)Tomei unequal length extractors & up pipe - $500

3)Kakumei 3" DP - $250

4)Labonte methanol kit with touchscreen monitor - $800
Item in car.Dekit only for confirmed buyer.

Posting on behalf of my friend ,

1)WRX 07 Manual gearbox full set - Offer

2)WRX 07 550cc blue injectors - $200

3)WRX 07 handbrake mechanism in good condition - Offer

4)STI Brake pump - $250

5)Subaru WRX 07 speedometer cover - $50

6)Varis replica gt wing with high mount cf stands(brand new) - Offer
Bought but decided to go with Voltex Type 5 instead.No cheapos offer please.Item is new.

7)Trust Pe Tir comes with cert. - $1250

owner.Slight scratches below no dents.

Will give both original silencer & aftermarket silencer.

8)Sti 07 rear seats & door panels - $300

9)A,B,C Pillars set - Offer

10)Sti 07 Air con Center panels - $300

11)15mm PCD 5x114.3 5in5out spacers(1 Pair) - $140

PM if really keen.tks.
Lowballers & time wasters stay OUT!!!!No Money Don't Mod!Stay STOCK!

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Paiseh to hijack... your WRX Injector Blue issin't it suppose to be 380cc only? 550cc is the Pink STi right?

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hawkeye wrx n sti oe injectors should be same ratings.

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