READ FIRST: Dear new members, NO bumping topics

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On 3 May 2013 at 0:33 PM, d3vil0gy said:

Dear new members,



We sincerely welcome you to Subaru Club Singapore.


The 20 minimal post count rule is imposed to deter spammers from creating new accounts, and abusing the WTS section of this forum.


As of late, many new users have started to BUMP topics to up their post counts, then later posting commercial sales items in the WTS section.


We take such bumping of threads with new accounts with a serious view on their purposes for doing so. Bumping of threads with one liners only causes inconvenience, irritation, and other unpleasant experiences for members.



In order to weed out spamming activities, inconvenience to other members (old topic bumped multiple times, seeing dead threads come alive, mass spamming of old threads..etc) this rule will now stand firm:



1. Strictly NO BUMPING of threads to abuse the 20 post count system

- One liner bumps

- Smiley icon bumps

- "upz/ups/upssss" bumps

- Any other form of bumps moderators and members view as abusing the system



Your new account will immediately be suspended till further notice.



Thank you.

Noted with Thanks !

New to SubaruClubSG  

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Hi guys,

I am new to this page.

Need youropinion and help and ideas.

Currently I am driving Subaru Legacy Wagon 2010, 2.0 L, non turbo.

Got problem with the 1st gear from stationary and move off. Either on level road or upslope.

Very very very slow pickup.but once have the momentum, change to 2nd gear onwards, ok. No problem.

Had change the plug,

Had change the gear box fluid

Had flush thru the engine

Can"t recall what esle I had done right now.

The only thing that I had not done is the timing belt.

Please, can anyone advise??

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Noted and thanks for accepting

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