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[#1001] You are not allowed to visit this community

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Dear Moderators (Admin)

I tried to login (ongbc) but failed. It showed "Oops! Something went wrong! [#1001] You are not allowed to visit this community".

Am I banned? What have I done?

Ah Ong.

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Hi bcong, the reason for not being able to login to the forum is because you've being banned for double posting a sale thread within a week. When we ban someone, we will definitely have a valid reason, and not because we dislike them. 


We have clearly stated our rules and regulations in the WTS section and pinned it up for everyone to read through and take note of. 


Nevertheless, we believe you've missed it. Do read through and take note. With this new account, we do hope you can follow our rules and regulations strictly.












Another thing we would like to highlight to you is, this is a car forum. So only car related stuff are allowed.




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