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2006/7 STi Lower Front Grill

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Anyone know where to get this front grill or similar grill to cover the hole in front of the radiator for 2006/7 Impreza/WRX/STi? Last time I think Miracle carries it but I can't find their folder anymore. Mine is broken and wanted to get a new piece.



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    • By Apek
      Selling forester SJ 2016 stock radiator with hose at $150
      Used for 30k mileage, good condition
      Msg me at 90908049
    • By a2ronji
      Selling used Legacy BL 9 radiator. In good condition, used less than 1 year. Only issue, the inlet pipe on top was cut shorter by the mechanic. You will need to change the top part to be able to use the radiator.
      sms me at 97320752

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      Want to buy arc radiator for GDB hawkeye
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      Hi , do any bro know how to adjust the 2007 model Hawkeye headlight lower ???
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    • By berserker182
      Selling the following items on their own (no swap needed for all items):
      1) Black STI Brembo Front & Back Brake Kit (calipers, slotted rotors, ebc pads) - Fits WRX.  $2,000
      2) Owens Turbo with F bearing mod (GT30 equivalent. Stock location, very fast, responsive powerful spool)     $2,500
      3) Tomei 280 Cams (extremely nice response and torque at low end and high end)    $500
      4) Fuel Injection Clinic 1050cc injectors      $350
      5) Mishimotor Aluminum Radiator     $250
      6) Blitz fully adjustable coilovers     $800
      7) Level 10 bulletproof torque converter    $500
      Whatsapp / sms:  Nine 176 Six Zero 3 five
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