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HUD - Heads Up Display

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Anyone has this fixed onto their car? 

My friend got it fixed and it is quite cool. $150 including installation.

Im going to get it fix onto my car and share the pictures! 


Let me know if anyone is interested, I can share the contacts! (whatsapp 98765995)





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indeed. had it fixed.. quite cool.. 


It is a 5.5 in display. comes with reflective screen for good view in the day as well. For those with very tinted windscreen then will no need for it.

initially after fix, an engine code was flashing. I then send my car in for a check. Mech found a P0101, which then found out my MAF sensor was actually loose.


I asked the guy who fixed it for me to share with me the specs of the items so that I can post it online to share. This is what he sent me:





- Standard OBDII interface,

- Adopts high brightness projection technology. Automatically sense the display brightness to ensure the clear projection on car windshield.  

- Information display is simple and clear to improve road safety.

- 5.5 inch large display, easy to read. Screen flickering alarm. 

- Suitable for any vehicles conformed to OBD II, which are manufactured after 2007. 

HUD is short for Head Up Display. It is dangerous if driver watches the dashboard while driving on expressway, especially at nights. If there is any emergency situation ahead, it might be too late to take effective actions and then accidents might happen. To avoid this situation, we recommend you to install a HUD Head Up Display. This product can project important information (e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver. It is helpful to reduce accidents due to head-lowering while driving. It is developed based on OBDII interface. The installation is very easy.

Please read the details of user guide carefully before use.

Color: black 

Material: ABS 

Package size: approx. 17 x 13 x 4.5 cm 

Display size: approx. 147.5 x 85 x 14 mm

OBD cable length: 1.44m 

Interface: 16pin 

Working voltage: 9-16V


1. Displays the vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature (voltage / throttle position / ignition advance angle / 100km acceleration time), instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel indication, rest tips, and engine failure. 

2. Display modes: normal, high-speed, or automatic (optional) 

3. Units can be freely switched between kilometers and miles. 

4. 5.5" large screen, easy to read 

5. Auto switch on/off. It starts or shuts down along with the vehicle, effectively protecting the vehicle battery. It can also be turned on/off manually.

6. Single stage or fourth stage of alarm modes can be chosen, ensuring traffic safety. 

7. With revolving speed alarm reminding driver to change the gear to save fuel consumption.

8. Brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically.

Package included 1 x OBD (with connection cable) 

1 x Display 

1 x English user guide  

1 x Reflective film 

1 x Anti-slip pad 

In original package

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If you tap to Ecu also tap to the wiring right? Why would it be faster than connect to OBD?

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just my butt feeling, of course if you think it is the same, so be it :)

One is direct taking the "speed pulse" and the other one is taking information fed out from the ecu i guess?

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