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need help to push to 450 whp

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hi all,


would like to push to 450whp. current set up

stock STI injector

tomei arms m7760 turbo

engine with forged piston only

ECUtek tuned by rhommel

HKS open port

koyo radiator

process west TMIC

fuji exos


currently is 435bhp on fly wheel.


may i know what hardware should i change?

i was thinking cams, injector. should i change turbo?

what else do i need?


thank u all for helping

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you definitely have to up your injector and other supporting fuel mod

450whp on this turbo seem a little impossible

however, talk to your prefer tuner. he will suggest you on the supporting mod 

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if you would like to play it on a saving side, i suppose you will need the following for sure.


1. bigger turbo ( 06-20g or more )

2. 800cc injector to support

3. methanol kit to run more power



it will be good if you can do a proper fuel system to support such power because of the design of the engine, proper fueling is very important to prevent the piston from melting during combustion.

good luck & enjoy bro

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