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Hi not sure wonder this question has been asked before. I'm using a brembo brake kit in my forester and there is always this squeaking sound when I brake lightly at low speed. This sound doesn't happen when I brake hard.

Workshop told me that this is normal for performance brake kit. Is this really normal? Also I notice that my rotor has grooves cut into it. Can this be causing the sound?

Apologies for the new I question but this is the first time I'm using brembo kit. On my previous mark x, with a Lexus 350 BBK, there is absolutely no sound at all.

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It is common and normal but not everyone suffers from it. Cars don't come with squeaky brakes from the factory no matter how big of a brake they have so there is definitely a cause. Usually this can be insufficient grease during installation, brake pad issue, brake shims or rarely, rotor issue.

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