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Owner deceased. Car outstanding loan

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I am wondering if anyone have gone thru this before or any bankers around here.. Previously I bought a car under my dad's name and I am the guarantor.. Sadly, my dad had passed away and the car COE will end in November. The car has outstanding loan which I have been servicing.. Understand from LTA that I must transfer the car to my name before I can sell or even get the scrap value back..

I am applying for a letter of administration from the court so that I can transfer the car to my name..

2)I am just wondering what about the bank loan? Must I inform the bank or should I just keep quiet and continue servicing the loan.. Which means , car is under my name in LTA, insurance under my name but the car loan is still under my dad's name. Is that possible?

2) if car is under my dad's name, will the car repossess the car even if I still can service or pay off the balance loan.. Will they allow that?

Hopefully anyone who have gone thru this could share their experience with me.

Advance thanks..

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Hello bro,



First of all, sincerest and deepest condolences from the team @ SCSG.


Please find my humblest advice;


1. To transfer the car to your name,


a) LTA need to release a transfer PIN (need to provide them documents)

B) your financing company (bank) need to release log card to show to LTA on the day of transfer



a) It will be a +1 owner transfer count (meaning that the car will now be a second owner car)

B) You will need to clear all outstanding loans with financing company (full settlement)


Without the above, LTA will not allow the transfer of car to your name. Clearance from finance company after full settlement.


2. Speak to your finance company on the circumstances (and circumstance that you are the guarantor) They will either arrange for you to re-finance your car under your name (which allows LTA transfer), 


They will allow you to continue servicing the loan, and keep the car under your dad's name. Insurance wise, please speak to them as well, as next insurance renewal, have to be under your name already.

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Hi bro,

Thanks for your advices.. I think I understand how to move off from here.. Shall update the bank real soon.. Thankszz

Hope they will allow me to pay off the outstanding loan.. Going for early settlement.. Was just afraid that the bank should choose to repossess the car and auction it instead since the car still belongs to them.. Banks are all about making money..

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Yes bro, banks sometimes quite pain in the a**.


However in this case, I believe they'd rather choose to accept your full settlement than to repossess and auction (they make more from your full settlement)

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