Gear stick too much free movement

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Hi Guys,

My Impreza, manual, one year left before COE expires.


Just noticed that gear stick is having too much free movement and not firm when changing gears.

When gently moved into 3rd or 4th gear, a slight tinkling sound like something is loose.

Moving into 5th gear not smooth, got to shift a lot to the right to get in.

When engaged in any gear, the stick has a lot of free play like in free gear.


Anyone can explain what is my problem and need to send car in for repair and cost?


Many thanks.





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Should be gear bushing wear out, need to change.


Not too expensive if I don't remember wrongly, changed once for my last Subaru.

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Definitely gear bushing. price varies from 80plus to 100plus depending whether yours is a 5spd or 6spd.

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Hi inin36,

Thanks for the info. I went to Autobac at Jurong Kechil and got it done on Sunday.

Unfortunately your info came too late. I think I was overcharged if what you said it fair value.


I paid $310 for the parts and $100 for labour.


Though they did a very good job, based on your $80 to $100, I feel cheated.


All Subaru owners please share this info. I was prepared for about $200 but the technician said the parts came as a set so got to pay for it. He sounded insincere. Unless someone can tell me $410 is fair price then I should accept it. If not, then be careful of Autobac.


I hope what they charged me is reasonable market price.



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definitely overcharged. i changed my gearbox bushings for my 1.6 and 2.5 impreza at reputable subaru workshops before. never exceeds 200bux.


btw i avoided autobac long ago. 

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Hi Subaru owners,


Please take note of my experience with Autobac and what I paid that was excessively charged according to some owners here.


Maybe Subaru Singapore may want to comment on what they would charge for same job at Subaru workshops. This is valuable information for all Subaru owners.


Please share.



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Never do anything immediately after the 1st diagnosis unless you damn trust the workshop or have previous experience with the workshop and know that they will take care of your pocket.


To be fair to Autobacs, the mechanic maybe don't know that the parts can be bought separately. If this is indeed the case then this is a case of not familiar rather then overcharged. You might want to consider going to pro-Subaru workshops as they might advise you better due to familiarity.

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learn from your mistake and do research before engaging any workshops. This is why most bros here rec go to pro scooby workshop for rectifications. get 2nd opinion if needed.

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Ya, good advice. I was prepared for $200 after what you guys had said. But when I was there, it was also a bit of sacrificing some time and inconvenience.


The other thing is whether the price differential was due to changing a few parts or changing a set as they said. Would like Motorimage to comment on this.


Well, $200 for being impatient. A lesson learnt and hope others will not repeat the same mistake.


Thanks guys.



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Pls check always on ebay to get an estimate of the prices. Subaru parts should not be too far off from what is shown on the internet.


TS was probably looking for this part. Even with shipping its cheap as chips =>

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Depending on what parts they replace lah. 

I replaced mine at $80 including labour at my usual workshop.

I'm driving a GRF STi and due to no available stock, i went ahead with the WRX 5 sp shifter bushing. 

It has been 3 months and no problems. Both 5 spd and 6 spd shifter bushing look identical IMO.

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