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Recommendations and Price for Rotor Skimming

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Hi all, new here and just wanted your expert opinion on the issue below. 


I own an Impreza 1.5R HB and over the weekend, just went to BKS for servicing. Also had my tyres changed at another workshop. According to BKS, my brake pads don't need to be changed just yet, however, today while braking at say 70km/h or so, the steering wheel started vibrating during the braking. I have also noticed that the braking is rather uneven, it kinda jerks and brakes at the same time, and this is at normal speed, not even 70km/h.


I think most likely it's due to warped rotor, so I should go skim the rotors. Just wanted your recommendation on any workshops that do skimming, or should I stick to BKS, and also how much does it cost to skim, and/or replace the rotors? 


Similarly for brake pads (although the BKS guy said there wasn't a need to change them), how much to change them?


Appreciate the advice in advance; thanks!

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On the receipt it says balancing done together with the change of tyres, but since I don't know how to check that I can only assume. It was done at Al Tyres.


Gonna go down to BKS tomorrow for them to diagnose and fix the issue. Don't know if it's just me being paranoid or the brakes don't seem to brake that well when I need to brake fast and hard. 


If it's any help, this is a second hand car and I just got it a week ago with 2 years left on the COE. BKS said the engine and all is fine so it seems the owner did take good care of it, except for this brake issue I guess.

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