Spring sound near accelerator padel

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After parking for hours and drive off, I will get a spring (boing) sound coming near e accelerator panel. (Attached is e recording). Anyone have experience this issue?

I'm driving an impreza 1.5 sedan 3rd gen

Voice 004-1.m4a.mp3

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    • By GD555
      Hi guys, I just bought a MT GD5.
      After driving it for a few days i realised that there's a list of issues (more annoyance that problems) that I think solvable by DIY.
      The only problem is that I can't get my hands on a reliable repair manual.
      Just would like to tap on the experiences from the Subis here and if anyone can shed some light on the cause of the following:
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      My Impreza 1.5 is making the attached sound (hear around 5-6s point) when i decelerate and i accelerate again.
      Anyone can advice what could be e sound?
      Voice 001-1.m4a