Nasty Experience with Colour Rims (Freelance rim painter)

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Finally got the time to sit down and share my nasty and unfortunate encounter with this freelance rim painter. So bros and sis, pardon my rant and i hope you will not encounter similar event.


So the story goes, i wanted to paint my rims black and saw Colour Rims advertisements on Carousell and Facebook (   and decide to give him a buzz. The freelance painter goes by the name Ah pui (hp : 87404821). Realised he did my rims back in the days as Exotic Rims (its was a gd job) and engaged him to paint my rims on 17 Aug 2015 10am.


On the day itself, I was notified 0956hrs (accordingly to my chat log) a change in location (from upper boon Keng to Hougang). Its ok, i made a turn and give the benefit of doubt. Naturally he wasn’t on time but its also fine.  Received a message my rims are ready at around 1350hrs and i went to collect my car. It is a good job as expected. Nothing to complain about.  I also want to paint my engine cover and fuse box cover, i requested for a quote. We agreed on the price and delivery 3 days later and i left the place. Little did i know this was the start of my nightmare.


On 23 Aug (6 days later), i received a message from Ah pui asking me when do i want to collect my cover. Despite the message came 3 days later than expected, i was nice to him and told him that i wanted to spray another set of rims that coming weekend ( 4 Sept) and ask him to bring along the covers if possible. He agreed to it and of coz i was looking forward to see the covers. He did sent me pics of them and i must say they look good.


Ah Pui was late again on 4 Sept. However, when the car was ready for collection, he dropped me a message saying his staff drove his car away and the covers are in his car. He promised to deliver them to me that night after dinner. It wasn’t something urgent and hence i agreed. Waited till 11pm yet no call or message from him. It was finally ard 1am when the call came and told me he will deliver in 2 hrs time. Its frustrating esp on a sun when pple need to work the next time. Ah Pui eventually offered to sent it to me at my workplace at 1pm on Monday.


As you may guessed it right, no call came the next day 1pm. Long story short. I went to upper boon keng for more than 2 times since then and yet he has refused to return me my covers.  The last straw came when he promised to return my covers on 10 Sept at 3pm. On the day itself, he message me at around 2pm and claimed that Town Council came to the carpark and confiscated all his stuff including my cover. It was really frustrating dealing with him with all the lies and excuses but i went ahead and called town council to see if this is true. Jalan Besar Town Council responded and tell me they have not confiscated any of his stuff.


Till date, i have offered Ah pui numerous opportunities to resolve this matter. I will put a close to this matter once i have my covers back, regardless if they are painted or not but as you can imagine, i did not get them back (am not expecting to get them back now) .I am sure the bros and sis can imagine my frustration dealing with him. The matter has also been brought forward to Town Council as well as SPF for their attention. The biggest joke is that he responded on his facebook yesterday that he did not take my covers. Of coz this claim is swiftly squashed with a printscreen of our chat.


I will be happy to disclose all our chat logs if anyone (including ah pui) wants to clarify. so bros and sis, i hope you will not encounter such a unfortunate event when you are looking for someone to spray your stuff.


Anyway, for the second job on 4 Sept. It was a really sloppy job. He broke the logo on the wheelcap and these are the rims only after 2 weeks.




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