Got a used 2007 Impreza 1.6A

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My first car ever in Singapore. Super excited. Have been driving rentals for a while, and finally wanted to test water. So got a car that's left 1 year on COE.

Test drove it last week and it drove like a dream, except for some noise in the steering when full lock. Dealer D2 Motor told me that it's normal. Wonder what you folks think. 

 Few questions:

1. How to know if spark plugs, transmission oil, engine oil need changing? Next service date is not until some time next year.

2. Is the noise, like whining sound, normal when full lock?

3. Need some advise on where to bring this to for good and cheap regular servicing. If I fall in love with it I might renew COE after it ends next year.

4. Planning to change the aircond filter myself cos I don't think previous owner ever changed it. Know where to buy these kind of things? Air filters, mats, etc.

5. Car seems a bit underpowered for a 1.6, but I guess I am used to lighter Japanese cars.

Thanks and looking forward to be part of the club!

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Welcome to SCS. You can bring them to Subaru Pro workshops like BMS Motorsports or BKS Motor Works, both in AMK Auto Point for check.

They will able to assist you.

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