Demod Items from Hawkeye WRX

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Posting on behalf for my friend. Kindly contact him directly to deal.

Thank you for reading.



Contact: Javier 9181 1291


1. Project Mu 4 Pot BBK $1000 (Rotor 332x28mm)

2. Bride (original) 1 pair (m size) $1000

3. Trust Exhuast with Cert $550

4. EVC Boost controller $100

5. Varis GT wing $400

6. Varis front lip $170

7. Varis front CF Bonnet $400 (Need to swap w ur original)

8. Cusco front strut bar $50

9. Cusco rear strut bar $50

10. Cusco rear anti roll bar $50

11. Rota 17" x 9jj offset 28 $300 (Need to swap w ur rim)

12. HKS bov $50

13. Ecliptech Shift light $130

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