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3inch downpipe think stock cover cannot cover nicely. So far all those bros selling ones i saw all like this.

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    • By S.K
      used less than a 1mth, going to try other brands,
      -Price is dealing in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
      -Shipping on overseas buyer’s account
      -Intallation can be done by me or your own workshop.
      -Paid $1400+ directly from Japan
      -Condition as good as new, can see for yourself if interested. 
      -Specs as given and provided. 
      interested can PM me.

    • By Thumperstumper
      Hi, just cleared the storeroom and have a used BL5 original airbox to giveaway if anyone still wants one. Please PM if interested. 
    • By lym
      Hi all,
      Have the below item for sale;
      1. BL9 (Subaru legacy sedan) rear bumper (New, JDM, unpainted & unused) = $200
      Nicer looking rear bumper.
      Good for those who renewed their COE for their BL9.
      Please kindly PM me if you're interested. Thanks for viewing.  
    • By Bruceleech
      Good day everyone and happy Mid autumn to all who celebrates. 
      I am a new owner of the Forester Eyesight from Nov 20th 2018.  Never driven a Subaru before nor own a SUV.  Fell in love with this car the moment I lay my eyes, feet and hands on it.  
      However, my love was cut short by the numerous problem encountered with my new love.  
      1) 3 days after collecting the new car, there was a persistent rumbling sounds below the driver seat area, tested with MI service advisor who even commented "was it a motorbike passed by". MI took my driver seat away and diagnosed was due to fuel pipe loose. Really! A brand new car?  
      2) Immediately after the above rectification works was done by MI, my driver seat emitted ricketing sound like metal rubbing against each other. MI investigated and screwed my driver seat bolts and nuts tighter.
      3)  The climax of the problem appeared on 11th Dec 2018, less than 3 weeks of driving this new car and after being too MI workshop twice, and coincidentally this problem appeared one day after MI rectified my driver seat sound. My car loss power and jerk at traffic light and while cruising! Almost resulting in an accident!  This time my poor new car was at MI workshop for more than 9 days!  The diagnosis was due to the TCM module that had to be replaced. MI claimed they were able to replicate the similar symptom in another car when they plugged my faulty TCM there.
      Throughout my first few problems with my new ride, prior to the last problem, anyone could see that MI workshop workmanship is unacceptable.  When my car was at MI last for the 9 days troubleshooting, I even have to asked for a courtesy car.
      However, since Mr David Koh, Customer Service Manager, ttook over and after our first face to face meeting initiated by me, things turned for the better. I was updated on the progress of the work done until I collected my car yesterday on 21st December 2018. 
      David was able to turn my bad experience with Subaru around and make me assured that there's still a glimmer of hope dealing with MI.
      How about my ride? I guess it's day two of getting my car back. I just have to watch how it goes. So far I still love my Forester for its space and feel. I hope that this is the last problem I will ever face with this new ride until wear and tear sets in.
      Good luck everyone 
      Bruce Lee
    • By ckloml
      Used 3" uppipe + extractor + downpipe
      taken off my 2008 wrx sti, 450hp on this system, dyno proven!
      text me at 90181012 to deal