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Hi Scoobies!

Here at EA Detailer, we provide a one stop solution for your vehicles' interior and exterior grooming. 

Here are the promotions specially for you guys!!


4-Stage Interior Steam Purification now @ $188
(Usual Price: $369.00)

- BioFumigation (Anti-Pest)
- Anti-Viral Treatment
- Leather Treatment
- Dashboard Treatment
- Interior Trimming Protection
- Steam Cleaning (Dustmite, Odour Smell Removal)
- Tornado Wash (Dirt, Dust, Dustmite, Stains Removal)
- Hydro Extraction (Dust, Dustmite, Mold Removal)
- Comprehensive Interior Vacuum - Ozonic Treatment (Bacteria, Odour Smell Removal, Air Treatment)

Duration: 4 - 5 Hours

Top-Up $80 for a 3-Stage Exterior Glow now and be treated with:
- Rinse and Shampoo with Sonax Gloss Shampoo
- Claying : Removal of Paint Contaminants
- Sonax Xtreme Wheel Cleaner
- 3 Step Sonax Machine Polish (From Mild to Abrasive)
- Sealed with Profiline Polymer Net-shield
- Engine Bay Detailing
- Sonax Tire Gloss
- Rims Polishing
- Exhaust Pipes Polishing

Duration: Up to 6 Hours

$50 Surcharge for MPV/SUV Surcharge

Personalised Destination Ferry Service
One way : $8
Two way : $15



Feel free to contact us at our Facebook page, facebook.com/eadetailer, for more details!


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