Dekit WRX 2007 Hawkeye parts

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All items from WRX STi 2007 hawkeye version and still in car. Check with your own workshop for compatibility with your own model.

All items are cash & carry. Labour by buyer and some item required to swap.

For other items than those listed, whatsapp(9054 0694) me your offer for the items you want. 

Sorry for Low-ballers, there is always other better deals.



  1. Cusco 22" rear sway bar ($80)**
  2. Cusco 22" front sway ($80)**
  3. Carbing 8 pt undercarriage brace ($200)**
  4. Tein superstreet with edfc($550)** 
  5. Whiteline anti-lift kit ($80)**
  6. Fender brace cidep ($50)**
  7. Cusco 22" front anti-roll bar ($80)**
  8. Cusco 22" rear anti-roll bar ($80)**
  9. 18" Prodrive GC06H Gold with 18" tyre (AD08) with 1 spare tyre($$400)** (kerb rashes)
  10. Brembo Gold Brake 4p2p with DBA disc ($650)** (recommended to get new pad)


  1. Vf34 turbo ($300)**
  2. Wahlbro 255 fuel pump ($30)**
  3. Sti intercooler ($250)**
  4. Fujitsubo exhaust with cert ($250)** (dented, not for fussy buyer)
  5. decatted mid n top exhaust ($40)**
  6. Aluminium Radiator ($$100)** (bought from BMS)


  1. Greddy spec boost controller ($150)
  2. Turbo timer (free)

** swap required 

Dekit Labour by buyer

WhatsApp 9054 0694

Please be patient as I can only reply during lunch hours or after work.

Thank you all for your interest.

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    • By cave_sti
      1. Stock 2.0/2.5 extractor with up pipe -$20
      2. Cockeye engine original undertray -$20
      3. Radiator fan -$20
      4. Pink STI injector -$100
      5. SARD fuel regulator (large) -$50
      6. DW 301 high flow fuel pump -$100
      7. Mcguard security anti theft lug nuts -$50
      keen Watsapp 93388772
    • By enrell
      Hi folks
      Handing over my car to the buyer this week, so some parts need to be lelong off (negotiable). Car will be at BMS Woodlands this Wednesday 2th May.
      1) 18" Prodrive GC05F with Ray lugnuts / 2017 Yokohama ADO8R with Orange TPMS (require your set) $800
      2) Drift Racing 6/4 with disc (only can fit 18") (does not require your set) $700
      3) HKS EVC boost controller (does not require your set) $200
      4) Koyorad radiatior with caps (require your set) $200
      5) Cobb Air Intake Box (require your set) $150
      6) 18G with AVO TMIC (does not require your set)  $500
      7) Amaron Battery (changed January 2018) (require your set) $80
      8) Varis-styled cf bonnet (require your set) $200
      Interested, msg me your offer at 8748 2874.

    • By rajat
      hi, got a used, good condition(except for some scratches see photo) front grille. all clips are good and intact. i have change of plans. thanks

    • By Boxerboi
      Original Brembo Black 4/2 Front & Rear From Subaru STi Hatchback ~ $1,880
      Package include :
      Goodridge SSBH
      Front & Rear 90% Dixcel Slotted Rotors Front & Rear ( Replace on April 2017 )
      Dixcel ZD Brake Pads ( Replace on April 2017 together with Rotors )
      Original Paint never respray / touch up before
      Best for Subaru Impreza, WRX, BRZ, Forester XT
      Contact 97319460 
    • By cave_sti
      Original leather Bride Euro. Comes with original Bride rails for Forester and Hawkeye. Good condition 8/10.
      Side bolster stil good. Leather good condition. $1400 for a pair. Serious buyer only. Keen Watsapp 93388772