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Press Release : Exclusive Distribution for Sonax Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating

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Exclusive Distribution for Sonax Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating

Singapore, 7 September 2017 – EA Detailer, a leading regional automotive restoration company, announced it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Singapore with Sonax Singapore for their Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating for a period from 1st June 2017 – 31st May 2018.

Under the terms of the agreement, EA Detailer will be the exclusive Singapore Applicator for the Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating from Sonax Singapore.

Sonax Profiline CC36 is a ceramic coating for automotive surfaces which dense network of modified siliceous nanoparticles that develop a particularly resistant protective layer – just as a protecting “second skin” that acts as a flexible shield against climatic and environmental influences. The nanoparticles reactively couple with the paint structure and the surface becomes highly consolidated in covalent bonding.

“EA Detailer is committed to providing the best possible solutions that enable car owners to partner with us to meet their surface treatment needs across the aesthetic continuum,” said Felix Lin, Divisional Director for EA Detailer Singapore. “Surface coatings are essentially specialized paints that are used to protect various substrates. No car can afford to put off maintaining their original paint coat.”

Davin Neo, Master Trainer of Sonax Asia added, “EA Detailer is a great partner for the Sonax brand. They have the scale, infrastructure, reputation, technical experience and complementary product portfolio to make Sonax CC36 a market leader in Singapore. We are happy that EA Detailer recognized the quality, robustness, innovation and design quality of our Sonax products.”

The distribution agreement may be expanded with additional territories in the future. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About EA Detailer; is a regional corporation serving the automotive restoration industry with products and services that help drivers measurably improve the quality of their vehicles aesthetic. The company self develops industry-leading technologies which offers the drivers a holistic retail experience with accountability and assurance, and an extensive line of services that support interventional procedures. EA Detailer employs more than 30 people across its regional operations.
More information may be found at www.eadetailer.com.)

About SONAX; has been making premium car care products in Europe for more than 50 years. SONAX began in Germany like so many of the best car care products in the world. The company began by making a silver polish from an extremely fine mineral, which eventually led to their first car polish and the rest is history. Through constant research and development and partnerships with major auto manufacturers, SONAX develops car care products that last longer, perform better and shine brighter. SONAX was one of the first car care companies to pro-actively develop environmentally friendly products and they are on the leading edge of nanotechnology.
(More information may be found at 


Extracted from press release media published on 11 September 2017

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