SG5 Engine is smoking suspected head gasket need replacement

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Hello peeps and all Forester lao jiao,
SG5 2.0XT,
i encounter engine bay area smoking and reeking of burnt engine oil smell.what could be the possible issues?
what price range for boxer engine head gasket replacements?i suspect it is the problem as i been topping up engine oils periodically.
do kindly reccommend trusty mechs for this job and downtime if anyone had fix this before...
good day boosting!


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Could be leaking from other places aside from headgasket. If there is a burnt oil smell, it's likely leaking from a place onto a hot surface (Extractors?) hence the burning smell. Perhaps it's leaking from turbo?

Best to get pro subie workshop to have a look. You can try BMS, BKS, Foo Bros..

Good luck.

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