Beware Dealing With 88 Motor Trading!

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Hi, I wish to share my bad experience recently so others can beware.

I just bought a car from this dealer and traded in my vehicle, the handover was done on 25/05/2018. Been dealing with this particular salesman named Jeremy Chua, NRIC S8115962I the entire time. Paid approx $6K+ for the settlement of my current vehicle. Got suspicious why i did not receive any letter from LTA or finance company i checked with the salesman. 

Tried chasing the salesman, but the salesman will give all sorts of reasons, saying that his boss not around, admin not doing work, boss has already made the settlement.

If anyone is getting car from this company, please kindly avoid, you surely will regret.

Anyone got such experience or encounter and can advise?


Mention will settle by 15/06/2018 yet nothing has been done.




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Easy since you got his IC number... 1) Go CASE report him. 2) Go make POLICE report. 3) Go Sub-Court pay $20+ SUE him. Lan Lan he will appear before court...

Ha... NEVER go Jalan Sultan to rent or buy any car... had super bad experience with the rental company there also. the office in textile center or jalan sultan but actual car shop in turf city...  scams n cheaters

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