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Hi guys, I just bought a MT GD5.

After driving it for a few days i realised that there's a list of issues (more annoyance that problems) that I think solvable by DIY.

The only problem is that I can't get my hands on a reliable repair manual.

Just would like to tap on the experiences from the Subis here and if anyone can shed some light on the cause of the following:

  1. Creaking sound when clutch is being depressed - only when car is on the move
  2. Whenever gear is engaged in 3rd and 5th, there's a hissing or whirring sound coming from behind the center console or under the dash
  3. The rear wheels keeps having random knocking sounds (like going over speed stripes) even when travelling on smooth straight highway
  4. The A/C sometimes give off a sourish stench, once in awhile

Do anybody know what are the root cause?


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Found some answers:

1. Clutch rod that goes into the master cylinder is giving off the creaking noise, sprayed some lubricant and sound is much better for now. Long term solutions seems to be to apply lithium grease.

3. Rear strut mounts should be gone bad. Anybody knows where I can get a pair of these?

4. Bought a can of A/C cleaner/disinfectant. Sprayed the whole filter area, blower motor and let it run for 15 mins or so. No more smell.

Still can't identify what is causing No. 2. Anyone knows?

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