Aircon Compressor Clinking Noise

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Dear fellow Subaru Owners,

Understand that the previous GD model aircon compressor commonly having the clinking noise when cutting in and out, cause by the rubber on the compressor pulley falling out.

Many workshop recommend to replace either the whole compressor or the pulley which problem will reoccur again after a period thus it is a waste of money.

I have previously helped many bros here and my own ride to fixed a "special" rubber which resolve the issue at a low cost.

Any bros with similar issue and wish to get it fixed, do contact me at 94248803 for an appointment to get it fixed.

The cost of the replacement as per following,

1. Per Rubber $30.00

2. Labour charge (regardless of how many rubber) $30.00

Therefore, example, if you have 2pc of rubber falling out, will be $30.00 x 2 = $60.00 + $30.00(labour) = $90.00

Please refer to the photo for the compressor that is affected.




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