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All too often when NBA 2K21 actually starts

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In the minutes of Nba 2k21 Mt staff composition, you can place minutes for all your players. This is what ought to be used from the CPU when I use the quick in-game menu to select BENCH. You will find 5 starters and 8 bench players. Send them, When I have minutes on only 5 bench players that fit into one of the 5 places. I really don't need Shaq (who I have at Ranking #13 without a moments set and on the team if KAJ and Yao get into foul trouble or I need a larger PF) coming at middle to back up KAJ when I put minutes for Yao on the bench.

The"Bench" alternative looks for the very first person on your lineup to fulfill each spot, according to their greatest level and THEN on a reverse alphabetical order by group. Therefore, in case you have just two PG's in your seat and one is Steph and the other is Giannis, they are bringing in Steph when you click BENCH since the Warriors comes first (reverse alphabetically) prior to the Bucks (close to continue.) Using the same example, if you had Ben and Giannis, it is going to require Giannis. Ben is the PG since 76ers is last reverse alphabetically.

I will attempt to clarify. In every game I wreck both the offensive and defensive boards. This can be obtained as an option in the timeout menu, however not an option at the pause menu and as an choice in the menu. I have to pause at the beginning of each game anyway to alter defensive preferences and I'd like to correct ALL my settings there, such as the Hawks 2018 Freelance I am running (maybe not delegating the Hawks 2018 Freelance into a slot and then needing to pick it in-game). All too often when NBA 2K21 actually starts, when you're adjusting the in-game settings, the opponent will score. And that this could be the difference between a loss and a success.

When I'm passing to a player, one supposes in actual life, because he is running in an angle, he is watching and waiting on the pass and ought to collect it if I have all of the essential HOF passing badges and attributes. What you does NOT accumulate and assume, is that the player, with his back to the play, can stand his hand out in the precise moment the ball just like a magnet. This is not realistic. This also goes to the stupid CPU teammates who once I press on the ball to pass, cut to the basket leading to an interception because today there is in fact an opponent facing me because the idiot teammate simply conducted behind him placing the opponent at a direct line between the passer and receiver.

I don't know whose bright idea it was to take Dwight Howard's Evo his 16 year career, which signifies and model it after his 1 year Lakers look. There should be an option for us to change the skins on our gamers, so two people could have the specific same LeBron card however one includes a headband and wears #6 and another does not and wears #23. Skins are a staple in EVERY loot box sport and I really don't understand 2K missed it. I don't even care if they monetise it. I really don't mind paying 3k from endgame to change my Kareem out of his appearance to some KAJ goggles. So long as the monetising is not to change but to acquire the different skin (meaning I am not paying 3k to shift it back to buy mt nba 2k21 its default, like the damn MyCareer haircuts in 2K19).

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