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  2. Hi Jim744, wow time flies, it's been more than 4 years. Just sold my Forester SJ model and waiting to collect the same model as what you bought. Last time the sound was due to my head unit, after Motor Image change for me to an after market Pioneer unit with new GPS installed, then the sound no longer around.
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  4. i'm not aware of other active local forum, most moved on to facebook groups or whatsapp groupchat, which are most of the time model specific.
  5. Anyway, did the users move to another Subaru forum? Or is this THE forum but it’s just dead. In that case, it’s pretty sad.
  6. Care to share which Subaru did you move on to? Yup, I got a renewed COE one with about 3 years left. The car isn’t really much modded besides the exhaust which has 4 tailpipes. It sounds fairly subdued though. Still trying to figure the car out. Any recommendations?
  7. I changed to coilovers recently and kept the stock suspension (3 years old, still great condition). Letting go for $250 Pics: https://imgur.com/a/CqesnZ8
  8. Price further reduced! 19" Advan RZII rims for S$2,400 https://carousell.app.link/aY8QUUuYYcb on #carousell
  9. this forum is pretty much dead.. i've sold my 2.0RS and moved on to another subaru.
  10. Dear Bro / Sis, Bought it at $1421 usual price and want to let go cheap due to change of ride. I do not check the forum frequently hence pls PM me at 96933495 to discuss further. cheers! kelvin
  11. Any workshop to recommend and type of mod. can be made?
  12. Good Day..! anyone can advise what can be mod to have better acceleration. any workshop recommendation?
  13. Been finding good bike rack that can hold at least 2 road bikes for outback 2020 model. So far, this is best I prospected https://parts.subaruonlineparts.com/oem-parts/subaru-bike-carrier-hitch-mounted-2-bikes-soa567b041?c=bD0xJm49U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM%3D. Any other suggestion?
  14. -Sand blasted, Primer Sprayed, ready to paint(at your own designated workshop) - 5 x 114.3 / +55 / 18” / 8.5j - $3750 (negotiable) contact : Nine Seven Eight Nine Four Six Six Two
  15. Slotted Disc, Brake pads, new Dust cover/Piston Seals. All used less than 5000km -Genuine Brembo 355mm Front / Rear disc (bought $2000) -TS20 Brake Pads Front / Rear (Track Ready and Low Dust)(bought $1500) -Complete Dust Boot and Piston Seal (bought $980) Price inclusive of installation, custom bell, custom bracket, SSBH and Brake fluid Meet to see if you keen.
  16. Selling a brand new holeless Spec C boot trunk. With primer painted. only 5kg $650 contact 97894662
  17. All parts dekit from WRX STi 2007 (hawkeye version). Cash & carry. 3) Stock STi front strut bar $50 4) Stock tail lights $120 5) Autobahn front mount intercooler with piping $380 6) Walbro 255 fuel pump *SOLD* 7) TurboXS KnockLite (knock sensor + shift light) http://www.knocklite.com/ *SOLD* Defi amber meters x3: Boost, Oil temp and Oil pressure with CU2 *SOLD* PM to deal. Low ballers need not try. Thanks.
  18. Collecting up info on suspension as my 99 coilovers for wrx were flagged as advisory on last MOT so I'm looking at my options to replace them. Not going to try and get new springs as I believe they are Blitz coils so could be hard to come by outside of Japan. Can't read anything on the springs so have no idea of spring rates but dampers are 32 level adjustment. They are very crashy at anything beyond halfway up the damper adjustment, and super wallowy at low damper settings. I run the dampers at 14/16 (of 32) front/rear. Running level (tested 16/16 and 18/18) causes understeer. Based on
  19. @Nooyal has the issue been fixed after Motor Image replaced the speakers? They tend to crackle at high volume once the car is of a certain age. Glad to know they honour their warranty though!
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