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  3. Updated with additional items. No swap needed and I will bear the labour cost to remove upon confirmation. Thanks
  4. Hi bro.. interested in most of the things.. pls text me at 9635 3763
  5. Subaru Legacy 2.5GT BL9 Dekit Sale (starts now and ending 15 October 2020) 1. Vf36 twin scroll spec c turbo 2. Twinscroll piping with certified kakimoto regalis R twin exos 3. Hyperflow topmount intercooler 4. EJ25 engine (less than 25k km since overhauled) 5. 5AT gearbox (less than 20k km since rebuilt) 6. Cusco front strut bar with brake stopper 7. Power steering pump (less than 25k km) 8. Starter motor (less than 20k km) 9. Varta battery 10. Steering wheel audio and cruise control switch (3mths) 11. 7" Android head unit with centre c
  6. Sorry, Forget to add that it's for 4door/Sedan model ( not Hatchback)
  7. Original Blue Impreza 1.5R/2.0R boot with rear spoiler & brake light (all working great) selling ridiculously cheap @ $40 (firm) Coz you own a Subaru 😊🙌 Sup up your Baby with a new cosmetic look 😂 WhatsApp 97112218 for pix & info.
  8. Installed 24/09/20 with receipt. Dekitted 25/09/20. cash and carry price. contact nine-688 4566
  9. WEEKEND BUNDLE DEAL! Stock extractor PLUS stock uppipe for just $50. Cash & carry
  10. Is buying a Tyres from Etyres Company is valuable in term of Price and Quality.. & Can I use Their Etyres Voucher code.co.uk to get discount..
  11. Wow, Mian; your last post was September 17, 2016 . Now it's 2020, I took delivery of a new Forester 2.0iS EyeSight 3 weeks ago, and from then I've been getting yhe same beep sound as described exactly by you. It's 3 years after your last post. Do you have any update about this mysterious sound?
  12. East 1. dha (Black 2.5XT) (Siglap) 2. Chariot (Silver 2.05 XT) (Siglap) 3. abadan (Siglap) 4. jchoong (Silver 2.5XT. Marine Pde) 5. Silversports (Black 2.0XT, Siglap) 6. rayleh (Blue 2.5XT, Pasir Ris) 7. Trex81 (Silver 2.OXT, Aljunied) 8. siglapian (duh) 9. Fo99Y WR Blue FSTi (Tampines) 10. rumble (Black 2.5XT East Coast) 11. naufaeluqman (changi Rd East) 12. hcva (siglap) 13.skellington (joo chiat) 14. freshjive (White 2.0XT Simei) 15.wishforester(white 2.5XT,Pasir Ris) 16. A369 (Silver 2.5XT, Siglap)
  13. Good day, everyone. I've just acquired a new Forester 2.0iS and also just signed up to this club.
  14. Closer to subway than to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta free, but I'm not whaling heh. I played entirely free in jp for a lot of years, then figured out AC could bill through PSO2es the phone game got enough for superior and stock space on that. Definitely did not whale there. MMORPGs like eso,ff14,terra,black desert just need too learn out of this particular masterpiece its a fking disapointment that I just when they realeased the game for xbox started playing 24/7 it tock only 200+ hours I'm certain 1000 more must have for mmorpg vet who are sick paying abos like or litterly pay also pla
  15. In the minutes of Nba 2k21 Mt staff composition, you can place minutes for all your players. This is what ought to be used from the CPU when I use the quick in-game menu to select BENCH. You will find 5 starters and 8 bench players. Send them, When I have minutes on only 5 bench players that fit into one of the 5 places. I really don't need Shaq (who I have at Ranking #13 without a moments set and on the team if KAJ and Yao get into foul trouble or I need a larger PF) coming at middle to back up KAJ when I put minutes for Yao on the bench. The"Bench" alternative looks for the very first p
  16. Rendi made a deal about RS gold every step along the trip. One day, Woox just simply. . . . Did uploaded and it lol. He rarely ever speaks about it even if his conversation is pressuring him . Just like a real god, he simply does the toughest things retreats into the shadows to await another hardest challenge and he's always the first to CRUSH it. Bro where are you seeing this run? He's had armor on every challenge effort completed. Rendi didnt prayer flick in any way. When you're lvl 3 you dont possess prot prayers at all you see. Rendi revealed his ridiculous game knowledge and wave dir
  17. Kalya


    hi all..just happened to find this forum..driving a 1.5R sedan.. ^ราคาบอลเมื่อคืน^
  18. People wouldn't tell a lot if they can determine the outcome of gambling in gambling games. Of course, from now on, gambling in a gambler's game will turn out very well. How little However, I do not think that the gambler who has to choose the path of entry to bet in the gambling game well and must perform the right behavior as much as possible, the more the outcome will be. Came out to be very satisfying only There is probably no other way to provide value for money and allow gamblers to see that the real gambling games for making money make money. Creating benefits for gambling is
  19. Hi anyone buying car today onwards need to pay a 40% downpayment! Anyone can confirm does this apply to resale/2nd car dealer too? บาคาร่า
  20. Hi all. Seems this community got real quiet. No latest post so I think I have to share something. Just installed Footwell Illumination Kit I bought online https://www.subaruonlineparts.com/sku/h461sxc101.html for my Impreza 2018. So far so good. Lit and unique.
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