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    • Slotted Disc, Brake pads, new Dust cover/Piston Seals. All used less than 5000km -Genuine Brembo 355mm Front / Rear disc (bought $2000) -TS20 Brake Pads Front / Rear (Track Ready and Low Dust)(bought $1500) -Complete Dust Boot and Piston Seal (bought $980)  Price inclusive of installation, custom bell, custom bracket, SSBH and Brake fluid Meet to see if you keen. 
    • Selling a brand new holeless Spec C boot trunk. With primer painted. only 5kg $650  contact 97894662
    • All parts dekit from WRX STi 2007 (hawkeye version). Cash & carry.   3) Stock STi front strut bar   $50 4) Stock tail lights   $120 5) Autobahn front mount intercooler with piping   $380 6) Walbro 255 fuel pump   *SOLD* 7) TurboXS KnockLite (knock sensor + shift light) http://www.knocklite.com/   *SOLD* 😎 Defi amber meters x3: Boost, Oil temp and Oil pressure with CU2   *SOLD* PM to deal. Low ballers need not try. Thanks.
    • Collecting up info on suspension as my 99 coilovers for wrx were flagged as advisory on last MOT so I'm looking at my options to replace them. Not going to try and get new springs as I believe they are Blitz coils so could be hard to come by outside of Japan. Can't read anything on the springs so have no idea of spring rates but dampers are 32 level adjustment. They are very crashy at anything beyond halfway up the damper adjustment, and super wallowy at low damper settings. I run the dampers at 14/16 (of 32) front/rear. Running level (tested 16/16 and 18/18) causes understeer. Based on my reading / understanding and compared to my 350Z on stock shocks / springs (350Z = 5.4/7.6 kgmm F/R) it suggest the springs are too hard for the UK roads and maybe sit somewhere around 8/7kgmm F/R) as rear feels similar to 350Z while front feels a lot harsher. Car currently has Cusco ARBs at both ends, front 21mm, rear (edit) 22mm. Also has Cusco strut brace, lower chassis brace, and some kind of rear brace all of which probably adds to the harshness. The car is my daily driver and I have no plans to take it on track (not out of the question though!). My driving style is progressive and I tend to favour a slightly tighter/stiffer/sharper setup. Not looking for the slammed look either but I would like to retain damping and height adjustments. So with (hopefully) everything you guys need to know to help out, questions are: I seem to recall stock spring rates being 4/3kgmm F/R, is that correct for non-STi saloon cars?   In your experience, what is the recommended spring rates? I guess you'd describe my usage as 'fast road' though I hate that terminology. ScoobyParts.com are showing 5/4kgmm F/R as their most popular for BC Racing BR Series which sounds good to me but input welcome!   I see with the Impreza there is a bias towards the front spring rate, why is that? Assume its due to the way the all wheel drive system works or more weight over front axle?   I understand what ARB's do and how they work but if anyone can explain in simple terms their relationship to spring rates/damping that would also be really helpful!   I'm pretty set on BC Racing BR Series (just not spring rates) but if anyone else has other suggestions around the £750 mark I'm open to hearing them  Sorry for the fairly epic thread, this is just how my brain works. You should try being me for the day 
    • @Nooyal has the issue been fixed after Motor Image replaced the speakers? They tend to crackle at high volume once the car is of a certain age. Glad to know they honour their warranty though!
    • Hi all, im new here and recently bought this model. The very next day I had knocking sounds when playing music through android phones and radio thus brought to MI and the replaced all speakers as they couldn't find the cause for free even though the warranty is long gone ( bought second hand )
    • @Zijian Since it's a 1.5 NA engine, whether you choose drop-in filter or open-pod filter will alter how the car feels. If you treasure your low-end torque, go for a simple drop-in filter like the K&N filter, this will retain low end torque but won't give much breathability up top. If you prefer more 'power' at the top end, then go for the open-pod, but due to the reduced back pressure in the intake track, you will probably lose some end low. On a 1.5R engine tho, not really required for both, just my 2 cents. Enjoy!
    • What you get: 1. Front 4 Pot Brembo Calipers (Recently Rebuilt) 2. Project Mu Type PS Front Brake Pads (Bought New, used less than 2000km) 3. Project Mu SCR-PRO Front Rotors (Bought new, used less than 2000km) 4. Rear 2 Pot Brembo Calipers (Recently Rebuilt) 5. Rear Brake pads 6. Rear Rotors Item still on vehicle. Paint condition on calipers still good. Only got some chipping around the bleed nipple area, which is normal since the brake fluid squirts from there during bleeding. Require $200 non-refundable deposit to dekit. No obligation viewing welcome. Calipers do not come with any brackets as my vehicle does not use any. Contact me thru here to arrange: https://www.carousell.sg/p/sti-gold-brembo-bbk-for-subaru-vehicles-wrx-legacy-forester-levorg-xv-impreza-1046557100/ RFS: Upgrading.
    • Selling a pair of CNC machined 20mm spacers in 5x100 PCD, 56.1mm bore.  $80, brand new unused.  Whatsapp me 83689060 to deal
    • Stock turbo anyone?  
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