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  1. 1) JE FSR piston kit. New in box. Standard stock size 99.5mm. 8.5:1 compression. For EJ257, WRX STi. MY07 onwards. Selling $830. 2) APS 70mm cold air intake pipe. For WRX & WRX STi from MY07. Requires new air filter. Selling $100. 3) APS twin vent blow-off valve for TMIC. Selling $150. 4) Varicool water-methanol injection kit. Run normal petrol like race fuel. Selling $150. Interested, contact Henry at 86868388.
  2. I believe your twin plate comes with flywheel too. You need to check out if the total weight of the clutch kit is more than or less than stock clutch.
  3. I was 30yrs old single, holding indoor job, more than 10 years of driving experience at the point of renewal and never had a claim before. I had 30% NCD, 5% LTA merit, and my car is 07 STi. The quote came $3.9k. Last year was $3.3k. 10% increase in NCD sounds more like 20% increase in premium. Insurance companies need to be more transparent to have accountability to public like real estate and investments, especially when demand is made perfectly inelastic when dictated by government. Otherwise, it leads to market failure and incurs social cost beared by consumers.
  4. if memory serves me right, I should be just below 4 litres for front and back.
  5. i like the happy dyno option. can let a person hit 450bhp just by changing spark plugs or engine oil. maybe even oil filter too.
  6. Hi, would like to seek advise on who does turbo rebuilds/refurbish here in singapore. Maybe ceramic coat it at the same time. Can anyone advise?
  7. If they are so making losses, why are they still not fighting for such cases where they obviously can don't pay out the medical claims given the sideway collision impact that is so small isn't capable of causing whiplash and let alone chestpain. If taxi driver claims his chest hits the steering wheel on heavy braking to cause chest pain, I would debate with faulty or not wearing seat belt. . As for the vehicle damage claims, I presume there are photos taken since camera phones are so common. If with photos, alot can be done. Insurance company don't wanna do anything, I go to MP, email to SPH r
  8. its indeed increasing COE does not reduce jam as it doesn't change the number of cars on the road. However, its the most crucial step to stop pouring more cars onto the congested singapore roads. Existing number of cars already jammed up the roads because literally whole singapore work at the same time. There is a so called peak hour. I believe the best way is to encourage staggered work shifts. 1st shift can be 8am-5pm, 2nd shift 10am-7pm, 3rd shift 12pm-9pm. This will allow the peak traffic loads to spread over a long period of time. In the midst of this, it may open up more employment oppor
  9. Hi bros, i wish to understand more about decating which is done on my 07 WRX STi. We added a resistor to the lamda sensor so as to avoid a CEL. Anyone can advise what is the CEL being thrown and what it means? After adding this resistor, is the lamda sensor able to read the oxygen levels correctly? Will using ECUTEK to flash off the CEL be a better method compared to using resistor? Coz I know ECU do rely on lamda sensor to compensate for fuelling when oxygen level are too high. My apexi turbo timer has the a/f wire tapped to the lamda sensor. But time to time, there is no value s
  10. it does seems like my oil press isn't much of the problem at the moment, instead its the oil temp. My oil temp is higher, that can explains the lower oil press too. should I install oil cooler? But the temp seems to be caused by some unknown problem.
  11. hi bros, my 07sti's defi oil temp and oil press sensors are previously located at the original oil press sensor location and I've been getting temperatures ranging from 85-93 degrees without oil cooler with pressure ranging around 0.7 to 1 bar. Mechanic have told me that original oil press sensor was removed in the process. I've just switched to fitting at the sandwich coupler at the oil filter and putting back the original oil press sensor and now I'm getting rather high oil temp. It goes up to 100 degrees after cruising 2500rpm along highway, even at night. However once stopped, it will slo
  12. i believe the dipstick reading accounts for only 1 litre of engine oil. If its dry, it could be lesser than 3.5 litres in the engine now, assume you are using 4.5L of engine oil
  13. I'll be going for 18x8jj with 225/40R18 tyres, is it really going to be same weight as STi enkei?. I was thinking of offset 37 or 38 offset coz currently I'm running -1" camber. If 20+, isn't it going to need more negative camber?
  14. Hi bros, I'm driving MY06/07 STi and looking to change my rims. I am looking to change to 18" RG2 gold but my friends recommended rota. So would like to ask if Rota rims are heavier or lighter than my current STi enkei. The tyre shop measured my STi stock enkei rims and its was 10kg. I don't know if this is correct. Any bros on RG2 18" can advise on his rims wheel too?
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