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  1. It is this SUNDAY! We have more than 150 cars till date!! See you there!!! *Take Note* - Please do not wait outside of the building for your friends to convoy in. If your group is doing convoy, gather at other places first before heading down. This is to prevent blockage of the road which may cause traffic hold ups. - Parking lots are limited and you may be directed to park at level 1 by the traffic marshals. - When leaving try to leave as a group of 3 or 4 instead of a big group. *Disclaimer* - Updated as of 15 May, schedule is subject to change.
  2. I believe the Subtag here will be glad to assist you.
  3. Hawkeye WRX Dekit Sales Gearbox Version 8 Spec C JDM 6 Speed JDM Gearing Gearbox c/w all drive shafts, propshaft, rear knuckle. Suitable for WRX GD Model conversion. - SOLD Intake HKS Mushroom Intake (Green) - Foam 3 months old - SOLD Handling Spec C Front A Arm, one pair - $200 STI Pink Strut Bar Front - $50 Body Spec C Version 8 Door x 4 - Red - $200 Carbon Fibre Door for GD model x 4 (Wrap with White Vinyl) - $1000 Stock Parts Intake Airbox WRX Extractor WRX Exhaust TD04 Turbo Front HID Headlights 2 x passenger side 1 x driver Rear B
  4. Hi Muser, we are still planning the parking allocation. We will flash some plans once it is firmed to orientate everyone. We will have marshals giving directions too. Rest assure your concern is our concern. Rain wise, there are some overhanging shelter along all the roof top shop/units and also staircases leading to lower level but if you are worried just standby your own umbrella coz the sun might be blazing too. There are 3 toilets at the 3 corners of the rooftop, so no worries about PS PJ. We will ensure that it will be open. Looking forward to see your guys!
  5. Hawkeye WRX Dekit Sales Intake HKS Mushroom Intake (Green) - Foam 3 months old - $80 Exhaust System HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust, Operated with 3" rear muffler pipe for better flow and original foam put back, got Cert. I pass inspection with this pipe - $200 STI Original Up-pipe, No cover - (sold) Tomei Twin Scroll Up pipe $80 Handling Spec C Front A Arm, one pair - $200 GAB SS Coilover One way, no leak no knock - (sold) STI Pink Strut Bar Front - $50 Cusco Rear Strut Bar - (sold) Whiteline Front ARB Adjustable - (sold) Whiteline Rear
  6. Let's do it Subaru Club Singapore! Mark your Calendar 21 May 2017, 3-5pm Stay tune... more things coming up soon... See you there guys and gals! https://www.facebook.com/events/1807829776208661/
  7. Yes we currently working on something... Will keep you guys update... @Insignia Yes ofcoz you will be most welcome!
  8. Wah d3vilogy need so many pattern or not... Thanks for the intro... LOL
  9. Yes it is sad for us. Johor Circuit is so close to us. However, it is a good time to explore further up north to Sepang and their new tarmac!
  10. Hi nemonemo, not at the moment. 2 years back actually there are news of a Nusajaya track. But it has since silent off from the media. Any news we will keep everyone update. And also the progress of Johor Circuit.
  11. kenken

    RON 100

    Its worth a try. I just tried. Car feels a little more power, seems lighter on the accelerator with better pickup. There is a difference w the usual 98 or 97. But please don't expect it to be super power.
  12. Hi Arsony, I don't think you are able to export your STI. From what I know Singapore car above 5 years old are not allow to export. Its better to check LTA.
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