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  1. Selling Cusco blue sway bar for front and rear. For STi only. Bought wrongly from a bro and unable to fit my car (TS). Cash & Carry. Items are cleanly wrapped. Fast deal at $380, Yishun (7pm to 9pm). Sincere and steadfast buyer only.
  2. Looking to buy WRX rear sway bar (WHOLE SET) to fit on 2007 TS. PM / WhatsApp/text 98418161 if you are scraping or selling yours. Thanks.
  3. hmm... 2 ways to go about it then.. demob for dealer and no demob for direct buyer. How come I didn't think of it? I was thinking of keep the mobs on too. Too tedious to demob. Moreover, I don't think buyer will bargain with me because there were legal mods done. Thanks to all who contributed their opinions!
  4. The car: 1.6 TS The mods: Rims. spring, brakes, strut bar, seat and exhaust (all LTA friendly). The case: Should the car be demob before sale? Full? Partial? Or just leave mobs on and sell it? It takes time and money to demob. Selling the ride as it is save time and cost. Which would fetch a better price? A stock looking car or a car that is enhanced legally?
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