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  1. Hello, Due to high COE. I have decided to scrap this beautiful car. Car in beautiful running condition. All parts avail for exchange before car goes to scrap yard. (most likely exchange to be done at subaru specialist workshop) Please PM me if you are keen, can explore all options.
  2. there you go newbie bro, http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/Test+Dr ... 93170.html cheers
  3. Thanks bro, will remember that. This forum is good for information flow. Cheers
  4. Thanks Bro, not exactly looking for a red spec C. Blue is the ideal colour for me cheers
  5. So, any bro in the forum with a Spec C ? These cars are rare then....?
  6. looks like not many spec c on the road ! Sigh....may have to wait for the new shape (2011) to materialise. Saw the concept ! Swee !
  7. Hi, I am looking to get a used one. Any Spec C drivers in here ? Any comments/feedback on the car ? I have been driving a 2002 bugeye for the past 8 years ! Looking forward to my next car... Thanks
  8. sigh, my rex tried to commit suicide after finding out Ah Tan left town ! Ah tan has been taking care of my rex for the past 6 years ! Here is what transpired; Tuesday: went in for regular oil change @5,000km (met Ah Keong at Bks Amk, was told Ah tan back in JB) Wednesday: Discovered big pool of oil spill below rex, (plug on oil sump faulty & leaking ) had to drain oil, remove major plumbling to replace oil sump tank. Thursday (today): Air cond died ! Check engine light came on ! All fixed now ! Thanks to Alan ! Car for sale if something else comes up tomorrow ! (1 owner 2002 buge
  9. Bro jjasonnnn, dun understand " Hagrid" ? please enlighten...thanks
  10. yah mine fell off while driving too ! Bro jjasonnnn, post a pic of yours leh ! (start the "pillar less pics " ball rolling !) any idea where to replace ? cheers
  11. Hi, I got a Bug eye WRX and the side pillar cover fell off ! ( 6 year old cars have funny things breaking ! ) see picture http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn67 ... illar_.jpg i have seen some nice Wrxes with Varis CF replacement for this part.... Any advice where i can buy a set ? Anyone selling used ? Thanks
  12. http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn67 ... 0651-1.jpg
  13. [/quote:qdouf6li']ok thanks, will check it out ! Cheers
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