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  1. Hi, May I know how do I closed and deactivate my account? Thank in advance. Long time didn't use this account as not longer driving. Then recently received some private spam message promoting "illegal" website. from some fake account.
  2. my wheels over 10K++ liao.. thinking of doing rotation (plus balancing & alignment). What the actual address of the kaizhong shop? N nos to call? Need appointment or can just walk in? Thanks
  3. The HKS catback exos is approved for Impreza 2.0 hatchback (GH7) at GarageR.
  4. So far any 2.0R bros/sis fix any legal aftermarket exhaust on their ride yet? Think so far only heard abt Remus right? So far how the comment?.. see the pic of Remus exhaust from net like not very much different from stock one.. There someone trying to get workshop to help approve HKS (muffler only as catback not suitable for NA car) from another forum, but nos quite low..
  5. Sometime when trying reverse in carpark lot, some so RUSHING in time they can't wait n just overtake n move off from my back... If I drive bit fast may reverse into his/her car liao..
  6. Hmm.. my when go over humb seem to be having that some sound too. Went MI check said suspension, etc ok. In face it seem that they din hear any sound. How much u change the control arm bushing n at where?
  7. Today went back to shop to re-balance. (but he only re-balance the front wheels.. is it enough?) Seem ok liao, but so far not chance n dun dare to try still got vibrate or not when over 120km/h..
  8. Think so far dun have any for the 2.0R, can join the group buy at http://www.sg3gwrx.com/index.php?topic=5759.135
  9. Gd day all. recently notice that when travel high speed, say ard 100km/h or more (which my speedometer shown), my steering wheel seem to be vibrating. Recently had just change new set of rims n tyres, wonder is it the cause of it? (alignment, balancing etc?? ) If it so any reliable workshop to recommend? (prefer ard east area if possible) Thanks
  10. Hi, recently I just change new rims n tires also n seem that same as u my steering vibrate ard 100km/h. So they took out the tires n re-balance it?? Do u have the contact n actual location of the shop? Need to make appointment? Thanks
  11. Sedan model really dun have the dual range thing? The dual range thing only for manual in the hatchback. To me it seem quite useful when climbing slope or overtaking..
  12. I also tempted.. very very tempted to get the rex. But heard FC quite poor so quite worry. As I can calculate road tax, mthly installation etc, but fuel is hard to calculate as u nv know when the price will hit top high. So just get the 2.0R manual, the manual impreza got the hi/lo dual gear, so if need more pick-up, just switch to lo gear. One best thing I like abt the new 2.5 wrx is that the signal level is on the right instead of left.
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