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  1. Hi all, WTS the following LTA certified exhausts; 1) Fuji Exhaust - $200 2) Apexi N1 - $300 both exhausts come with cert. prices slightly nego. interested parties pls PM. lowballers welcome to try your luck. "pilots" will be announced of their 'airlines' thank you and have a great day.
  2. Go to your regular or pro subaru workshop. Usually only the oil pipe needs to be replaced.
  3. Hi all, Up for sale is a set of original wedsport tc105n rims. 17*8 +42, 5*100. Condition 8.5/10. No warp no kerb rash. Comes with aluminium hub ring. Will be flush with legacy and hatchback wrx. Rims without tyres. Labour on dutch. Not an urgent sale. Asking price 1k neg. Interested parties pls pm. Thank you.
  4. chuchuchu will still give you backfire.. so you got to decide.. no backfire = stock dumpvalve.. chu or chuchuchuchu = backfire..
  5. if you dont want the backfire, change to stock dump valve or recirculation valve instead of the BOV.
  6. all the above for daily running is good.. am on stock turbo, just STI intercooler and 6spd gearbox.. normal exedy street type clutch would be enough to handle the stock power.. am getting abt 270-280 on 2.5 and mileage is abt 420km before reserve tank lights up..
  7. the brakes would be a good upgrade. wont hurt to stop better.. haha.. for NA, important gauges - oil temp, water temp, oil pressure. wouldn't recommend replicas.. mainly due to their sensors n accuracy. there are 'cheaper' options compared to defi.. prosport so far has been reliable for me..
  8. was driving TS for tracking. it's a fun car to play with.. it's not fast but it will help u learn n understand how it behaves. basically u will want the car to be in good reliable condition. brake pads, fluids / oils in good condition, optimum tyre pressure. once u are familiar with your car, you may wan to consider the wrx 4/2 pots and coilovers and anti-roll bars.
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