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  1. @Nooyal has the issue been fixed after Motor Image replaced the speakers? They tend to crackle at high volume once the car is of a certain age. Glad to know they honour their warranty though!
  2. @Zijian Since it's a 1.5 NA engine, whether you choose drop-in filter or open-pod filter will alter how the car feels. If you treasure your low-end torque, go for a simple drop-in filter like the K&N filter, this will retain low end torque but won't give much breathability up top. If you prefer more 'power' at the top end, then go for the open-pod, but due to the reduced back pressure in the intake track, you will probably lose some end low. On a 1.5R engine tho, not really required for both, just my 2 cents. Enjoy!
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  4. Trust PE TI-R probably, but it wouldn't be legal without the silencer. The Fujitsubo gives a better rumble though, IMHO.
  5. Any bodyshop should be able to help you remove for a small fee. Otherwise you can try dental floss and polish away any glue residue.
  6. @davidtht Hi David, while we are glad that you are taking time to help the members, please note that we do not condone 'spamming' the SFSG facebook group here in SCS. Forums are here for a reason which is for members to share information, ask questions, and get help from other members. Online forums allow information to be stored in a systematic and organized way which can be search by all and indexed by Google. Facebook on the other way, does not work that way. We appreciate if you could share your wisdom and knowledge here so other members may also benefit. Thank you.
  7. @BlizzWalker bro list out your mods here so fellow members can better help advise.
  8. @sneakgeek for point 2 bro, quite straightforward to swap back to stock before going back to Motor Image for any warranty claims. doubt they will be able to know.
  9. @nuts23 The moderators will be organising something soon. Check back for meetup details!
  10. Your suggestions of the potential issues are all very valid, might be a dirty air intake, dirty MAF, or O2 sensor spoiled? Does it vibrate when the car is moving? Could be engine/transmission mount worn out if the vibrating is not very violent.
  11. @muser hey bro and welcome to SCS. car is looking great. any mods planned? enjoy your ride in good health!
  12. They've been doing quite well though, and they are holding the Subaru agency in more countries than just Singapore. Unfortunately the COE is pricing the Jap cars out of reach of most buyers.
  13. Welcome @longdi! There's a thread with quite a few 2015/2016 owners discussing mods: Enjoy your car!
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